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Inspiration is intuitive.
Product discovery should be, too.

To win shoppers’ hearts in the new era of customer experience, brands must empower them to discover and purchase products in the same way they live their lives — instant, intuitive, visual.

Syte Customers See Results at Scale

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Spot It. Shop It.

Visual Discovery Suite

Drive conversion by using visual AI to help shoppers find the products that suit their unique preferences throughout the buyer journey.

Camera Search
Discovery Button
Recommendation Carousels
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Hyper-Personalization Suite

Combine real-time behavioral data with visual AI to predict the products most likely to convert for each shopper.

Personalized Recommendations
Personalization API
Personalized Discovery
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Searchandising Suite

Boost revenue and simplify navigation by combining AI-enriched product tagging with next-generation text search.

Deep Tagging
Augmented Site Search
Product Descriptions
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Retail Smarter
With Syte

The world’s most innovative brands partner with Syte to create intuitive customer journeys that enhance navigation and product discoverability, boost conversion, and increase average order value.

The World’s Most Accurate Visual AI

We believe that the only way to bridge the gap between inspiration and purchase is with technology that truly follows through on its promise. That’s why we brought together leading experts in machine learning and deep neural networks to pioneer the world’s first product discovery platform, powered by visual AI that recognizes and recommends similar items with over 95% accuracy in fractions of a second.

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Bespoke Solutions

Syte’s team of experts designed, developed, and optimized our visual AI solutions to cater to the specific needs of fashion, jewelry, and home decor brands.


"As soon as we partnered with Syte, we received immediate positive feedback from customers about the unique and innovative features on our website. They engage with the site much more and are able to find products in a natural way”
Grazia Albanese
E-Commerce Manager at Gruppo Teddy
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Home Decor

“Our partnership with Syte allowed us to offer much more than any other interior design platform in Poland by introducing image search and recommendations on every product page. Now shoppers only need to show us what they’re looking for and Syte will do the rest.”
Karol Misztal
Founder & CEO at yestersen
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Home Decor


“Combining textual search and visual search, the conversion is 8x more. Therefore, the two kinds of search are not cannibalizing each other. Instead, they’re complementing each other.”
Jordi Badia
CIO-CDO Digital Lola Commerce at Venca
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"We looked at a number of image search services, but only Syte had the image recognition accuracy we expected. We would like to further utilize this advanced technology for the realization of unified commerce."
Toshinori Kato
Director of Digital Marketing at Baycrew's
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