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Visual Discovery

A complete suite of AI-powered solutions that seamlessly connect inspiration to purchase throughout the customer journey.

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Visual Discovery Solutions

Camera Search

Create an intuitive path to purchase by empowering shoppers to upload any image or browse through a curated inspiration gallery and find their perfect item.
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In-Store Solutions

Delight shoppers in-store with interactive discovery experiences and styling suggestions, and leverage in-person activity to enhance personalization and engagement online.

Recommendation Engines

Combine past behavioral data and current shopper intent to dynamically optimize recommended items in real-time and serve up “shop the look” styling suggestions that increase exposure for your entire catalogue.
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Discovery Button

Turn every product page into a gateway for discovery by enabling continuous browsing and inspiration-led journeys.
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AI-Powered Category, Brand, Gender, and Age Detection
Our visual AI engine automatically recognizes product categories, age, and gender, ensuring that camera search results accurately and seamlessly reflect what shoppers are really looking for.
Multi-Object Detection
Shoppers can easily search for multiple objects within a single image, allowing for dynamic discovery journeys and driving AOV.
Proprietary Fashion, Home Decor, and Jewelry Lexicons
Syte has built the richest lexicon of its kind, housing over 15,000 fashion, home decor, and jewelry attributes (such as color, texture, shape, style, material, occasion, and more) and their synonyms.
Simple, Responsive and User Friendly Cropping to Enable Dynamic Discovery Within An Image
Smart object cropping makes it easy for shoppers to indicate which products in an image they’re looking for and to seamlessly search for additional items.
"At Castorama and Brico Dépôt, we are the first in France as a DIY retail company to offer this visual recognition solution. With the implementation of Syte, we are giving additional use value to our website for an enriched customer experience and a discovery of the product offer fully fitting with their needs."
Romain Roulleau
Chief Marketing, Digital & Customer Officer Castorama & Digital Strategy at Kingfisher France
“Combining textual search and visual search, the conversion is 8x more. Therefore, the two kinds of search are not cannibalizing each other. Instead, they’re complementing each other.”
Jordi BadiaCIO-CDO Digital Lola Commerce at Venca
“Syte’s performance ended up being 4 to 6 times better than competition, especially when it came to real world and Instagram benchmarks.”
Leslie ComrieHead of Marketing and Partnerships at Atterley
"We looked at a number of image search services, but only Syte had the image recognition accuracy we expected. We would like to further utilize this advanced technology for the realization of unified commerce."
Toshinori Kato
Director of Digital Marketing at Baycrew's
“We have seen that visitors who engage with ‘View Similar’ on the PDP have a conversion rate over 100% higher than those who do not and the AOV is 12% higher. Lastly, pages per session are over 135% higher.
Andrew ThomsonDirector of eCommerce at boohoo
"As soon as we partnered with Syte, we received immediate positive feedback from customers about the unique and innovative features on our website. They engage with the site much more and are able to find products in a natural way”
Grazia AlbaneseE-Commerce Manager at Gruppo Teddy
“Our partnership with Syte allowed us to offer much more than any other interior design platform in Poland by introducing image search and recommendations on every product page. Now shoppers only need to show us what they’re looking for and Syte will do the rest.”
Karol MisztalFounder & CEO at yestersen

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Available via API, JavaScript, and eCommerce platform plug-ins.
5 Best Implementations of Visual Search
Through a series of visual search implementations, retailers, brands, and marketplaces are going to see in this eBook how the technology works to benefit both consumers and retailers in the short and long run.
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