Take the Guesswork Out
of Fashion Discovery

Syte’s visual AI fashion discovery platform instantly connects your customers with items they’ll love.

Drive Results With Syte

Fashion and apparel shoppers exposed to Syte’s eCommerce product recommendations consistently have higher conversion rates, average order value and average revenue per user when compared to overall site metrics.

Syte helps leading fashion brands and retailers increase conversion, boost revenue, and drive business growth



Higher Conversion Rate




Increase in Average Revenue per User




Uplift in Average Order Value


A few of the ways fashion and apparel brands are using
visual AI and AI tagging to drive eCommerce performance

Enhanced Search Results

Enhance search results for fashion items with visual inspiration

Super-Relevant Recommendations

Provide personalized fashion recommendations based on session data and visual AI.

Visual Search on Marketplaces

Create uniform product search and discovery journeys that speak the language of your customers.

Shop the Look Suggestions

Harness multi-object detection to offer complementary items and accessories for each outfit.

Similar Items for Out-of-Stocks

Eliminate dead ends by immediately showing similar products in stock.

Tag at Scale

Automatically tag clothing with accurate, consistent attributes, saving time and money.

What Leading Brands Are Saying About Syte

We’ve gotten comments from our customers about how cool and helpful it’s been to look at other items that were similar to what they were shopping for.

Jay Nigrelli

We set a goal to create an innovative customer experience online that would simplify product discovery and make shopping intuitive and fun. Syte’s visual discovery and personalization solutions helped us do exactly that, and the results have been phenomenal.

Thibaut Peeters

Syte has been an important partner for Falabella, allowing us to create the innovative, visual experiences that draw in our customers, and we see the direct impact of that in our conversion rate and sales. We’re excited to continue growing together with Syte.

Maria Fernanda Vargas Courbis

We looked at a number of image search services, but only Syte had the image recognition accuracy we expected. We would like to further utilize this advanced technology for the realization of unified commerce.

Toshinori Kato

Combining textual search and visual search, the conversion is 8x more. Therefore, the two kinds of search are not cannibalizing each other. Instead, they’re complementing each other.

Jordi Badia

Because goods are fast-moving, personalized product discovery is key, especially in terms of recommending similar items for out-of-stock pieces. When customers are able to find their favorite products or comparable ones, that is great for the overall customer experience and sales.

Michael Simpson

We wanted a true technology partner. We did look at other products, and Syte was not just the best as a product, but the service, too. We’ve seen very good improvement in conversion rate, which I can largely attribute to Syte’s products.

Lavanya Nalli