Upgrade Your Social Commerce Experience With Discovery Stories

Empower shoppers to discover products they’ll love by tapping through Syte’s recommendations as shoppable stories, just like on social. 

Take Product Discovery to the Next Level

Put the spotlight on high-converting similar, complementary, and personalized product suggestions with a captivating social commerce experience, powered by advanced visual AI. 

Boost Mobile
Commerce Metrics

Drive conversion with a mobile-optimized experience designed to make the most of the prime real estate on your shoppers’ phones.

Find Your Perfect Product


Connect shoppers with products they’ll love through inspiring visual search experiences, powered by AI.

  • Image Search & Inspiration Gallery

  • Visual Recommendation Engines: Shop Similar, Shop Social, Shop the Look/Room & 5 more

  • Advanced Personalized Recommendations

  • Visual AI & Data-Driven Marketing Tools

AI Tagging & Merchandising

Drive revenue, boost text search, and optimize merchandising with automatic product tagging.

  • AI Deep Tags

  • Deep Tag Analytics

  • Thematic Tags

  • AI Tag Editor & Lexicon Manager

Hear from our customers

The holiday season can be a great driver for product discovery. First, you offer an optimized and smooth journey to your customer or prospects and then you ensure they find the desired product. You need to guide them by suggesting and offering personalized content according to each of them.”

Clara Larger

We’re going to see an influx of new customers to our site, who may not be familiar with our product offering, so Syte allows us to expose and merchandise similar products to customers who have an affinity for certain styles or patterns or color.

Jay Nigrelli

“Our REEDS Jewelers customers love to use the carousels and icons on product pages to find various options and price ranges of what they are looking for efficiently, especially during gift giving seasons.”

Heather Bernardo