How Venca Reinvented Product Discovery and Reached 8X Higher CVR With Syte

Higher CVR With Visual Search*
Longer Time on Page*
Higher CVR With Visual + Textual Search*

Venca is on a mission to transcend the expected retailer-customer relationship by setting new industry standards for accessibility, personalization, communication, and speed. Founded in 1975, Venca is a top 10 fashion retailer in Spain, with a customer base of more than 8.5 million and a market share of 60%. It sells fashion, cosmetics, textiles, and home products directly to consumers as well as to other retailers in more than 80 countries.

*Results are based on shoppers who use Syte solutions (i.e. customers who clicked on a result provided by Syte) as compared to the average number of non-Syte shoppers on the website.

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Gaining an Edge in a Digital World

As online shopping began dominating the retail industry, Venca’s main challenge was figuring out how to out-innovate the competition and provide a distinctive customer experience. It defined four primary goals:

  • Improve product search results and discovery
  • Expand into a larger, seamless marketplace that supports more brands and consumers
  • Innovate the customer journey to enhance engagement and loyalty
  • Streamline backend operations with an emphasis on inventory tagging
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The Instant Uplift of Syte’s Product Discovery Platform

After evaluating several solutions, Venca chose Syte’s visual AI platform because it offers the most complete package: Visual Search, Shop the Look, Shop Similar, and Deep Tagging. Speed and flexibility were must-haves: Venca did not want a solution that required heavy IT involvement or a disruptive implementation. It was also important to them to have a dedicated customer success manager. The results speak for themselves.

  • 3.79X higher conversion with Syte’s visual search capabilities
  • Consumers spent 3.9X more time on Venca’s website
  • With visual and textual search combined, the conversion rate shot up by 8X
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“Using visual search is like shopping at a physical store. By using real-world photos, we transform online product search into something that can be more personal and close to reality, even in the digital world.”