Meet the enterprises that play a key role in Syte’s mission to transform retail with visual AI.

Syte is powering the Visual AI for Bixby Vision, RCS chatbot and Quick Suggest. Integrated within the native operating system, Syte’s technology will be powering product discovery within 800,000,000 phones worldwide.

Syte launched a strategic partnership with SAP innovation lab to build the new paradigm of personalization.

Microsoft is a strategic co-sell partner with Syte. They have dedicated Microsoft team members who sell Syte’s solution and work with our team on high profile accounts.

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“Now you can take a photo of something and visual analysis can search and show you similar garments. That kind of intellectual property doesn’t come from SAP, but a startup — Syte — and now there’s tons of interest from customers. That’s a great example of accelerating innovation.”

Moritz Zimmermann

CTO, SAP Customer Experience