How Zales Revolutionized Their Email Marketing Strategy & Boosted CVR by 5.9X With Movable Ink & Syte

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Leading jewelry retailer Zales was looking for a way to reinvigorate their email marketing strategy and drive more sales through this critical channel. The 100-year-old company, known for its timeless, high-quality jewelry and impeccable service, has become an eCommerce leader, growing from a single store in 1924 to more than 1,700 locations today. One of Signet Jewelers’ key brands, Zales is committed to ensuring its customers receive the same outstanding standard of products and service, whether they’re shopping online or in-store.


Zales case study

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Suggesting the Right Styles for Each Customer

With an extensive inventory, a strong reputation in the industry, and a sharp focus on eCommerce, Zales already had a robust email strategy in place. The jewelry retailer sent out triggered emails for a variety of online shopping events, including abandoned carts and price drops, wherein they highlighted top trending items on the site. However, despite sending these emails to thousands of customers a day, both clicks and conversion rates were lackluster.

Zales quickly understood that they needed to find an email solution that would:

  • Present customers with truly relevant, personalized content, based on trigger items, rather than just top trending pieces
  • Identify the styles shoppers liked and suggest a variety of similar items
  • Automatically update the content displayed to ensure optimal performance
zales product recommendations

From Top Trending to Similar Styles: Zales Empowers Shoppers to Find Items They Love

Zales partnered with content personalization provider Movable Ink and Product Discovery Platform Syte to create more sophisticated and highly relevant email campaigns for their shoppers. They used Movable Ink’s dynamic content capabilities and Syte’s similar items recommendations to power two core triggered email campaigns: the abandoned cart email and the price drop notification.

On both emails, Syte’s similar items recommendations appear in a carousel beneath the original item either left in the shopper’s cart or “favorited” by them. In the past, Zales had populated these carousels with top trending items from their website, but the switch to visual-AI-powered similar item recommendations instantly led to a dramatic increase in engagement, conversion, and average order value.

  • 3x more shoppers clicked on the module featuring Syte’s similar items recommendations than on the top trending recommendations previously used
  • These shoppers also converted at a rate 5.9x higher
  • Average order value increased by 19%
zales product recommendations

“Together, Syte and Movable Ink have allowed us to create very effective triggered email campaigns that make sure our customers see the most relevant items for them. Showing our customers designs that they’ll love has enabled us to provide better service while dramatically improving results.”

Laura Leos