How Chow Sang Sang Built the Ideal Jewelry Shopping Experience and Increased CVR by 8.2X

Higher CVR*
AOV Uplift*
Higher ARPU*

With more than 2,000 styles and 10,000 SKUs in stock at any given time, leading Chinese jewelry retailer Chow Sang Sang needed an effective way to match shoppers with the most relevant products in its varied inventory, which includes gold, diamonds, jade, pearls, and more.

Throughout its 80-year history, Chow Sang Sang has continually embraced innovation, becoming an early player in jewelry eCommerce, and building an international online presence in addition to more than 700 physical stores in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The retailer sells online to Chinese communities around the world who have come to know and love Chow Sang Sang’s extensive variety of fine jewelry.

*Results are based on shoppers who use Syte solutions (i.e. customers who clicked on a result provided by Syte) as compared to the average number of non-Syte shoppers on the website.

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Making a Perfect Match: Visual Search Fit for a Diamond

With such a diversity of products and a massive community of buyers with different needs and wants, Chow Sang Sang was looking for a way to make shopping easier for its customers. The retailer quickly understood that image search was the technology it needed to be able to help shoppers easily navigate to the most relevant items in its inventory. However, after looking into a number of visual search vendors, Chow Sang Sang struggled to find a solution that could pick up on the intricacies of fine jewelry.

The jewelry retailer needed a visual-AI-powered solution that would:

  • Provide accurate, relevant results for detailed pieces of jewelry
  • Ensure that shoppers both online and in-store would have a smooth experience finding their “perfect match”
  • Be easy and quick to implement

Chow Sang Sang Partners With Syte to Unlock Diamond-Grade Visual Discovery

Chow Sang Sang implemented Syte’s Visual Discovery Suite, including Camera Search, the Discovery Button, and the Shop Similar recommendation carousel, on its three core banners: Chow Sang Sang Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as Emphasis. Since Syte’s visual AI algorithm specializes in jewelry, shoppers were immediately able to follow their visual inspiration to easily find the items that best-suited them. The impact was so significant that Chow Sang Sang’s retail store staff began to use Syte’s visual search on their internal inventory network to help shoppers find their ideal items in-store as well.

Seeing the success of the Visual Discovery Suite, the jewelry retailer now has plans to add Syte’s hyper-personalization solutions to their websites, including a “You May Also Like” carousel, in order to ensure each customer finds their perfect match.

“Syte is one of the best vendors we’ve worked with. They are well-structured, they’ve delivered on every action item they’ve committed to, and they implemented the solutions extremely quickly.”

Fai Leung