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What Our Customers Are Saying

“As soon as we partnered with Syte, conversion and AOV increased significantly. Now, our shoppers can easily find items they love within our large inventory.”

Michael Stein

“We wanted a true technology partner, and Syte was not just the best as a product, but the service, too. We’ve seen very good improvement in conversion rate.”

Lavanya Nalli

“Syte is a great partner for innovation. With Syte, we’ve managed to completely upgrade the product discovery experience on our website.”

Benjamin Hyman

“Syte’s visual discovery and personalization solutions helped us simplify product discovery and make shopping intuitive and fun. The results have been phenomenal.”

Thibaut Peeters

Sell Smarter With Syte


Connect your shoppers with the right items at the right time, using visual-AI-powered tools.


Engage shoppers and drive conversion with smart product recommendations and similar suggestions for out-of-stock items.


Use visual AI to automatically tag and curate your products, so your team can spend more time on strategic tasks.