Turn email into a high-
performing sales
channel with visual AI

Engage shoppers and connect them with products they’ll love by offering personalized recommendations in your Klaviyo email campaigns.


Sell more and drive loyalty with visual AI-based recommendations

Convert Curiosity

Continue to inspire shoppers with personalized visual recommendations after they’ve left your website.

Create Urgency

Capture high-intent shoppers at peak moments of interest with AI-based visual recommendations.

Reengage Users

Offer shoppers a seamless purchasing experience with “Shop Similar” suggestions in line with items they’ve been searching for on your site.

Make an impact with Syte Email Recommendations


Higher Conversion Rate


Uplift in Average Order Value


Higher Clickthrough Rate

Results are based on data from a leading jewelry brand whose shoppers received email campaigns (triggered by abandoned carts and price drops) showing Syte’s Shop Similar recommendations.

How it Works

Two simple steps to implement

Syte provides a code snippet to add to your Klaviyo email template, wherever you’d like to display product recommendations.

The code snippet is integrated with Klaviyo to personalize each of your shopper’s recommendations based on the actions they took on your website.

The code snippet displays Shop Similar (similar items based on visual AI) results for the shopper’s specific SKU. As each shopper has a different abandoned cart with different products (in the above example), the Shop Similar results are personalized to each individual shopper.

Reinvigorate email marketing with relevant, dynamic content

Connect shoppers with products they’ll love through engaging marketing campaigns for a wide variety of use cases, including abandoned cart/browsing, price drops, post-purchase thank you, back-in-stock notifications, campaigns for sales, holidays, new product drops, loyalty programs, and more.

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