Mobly Becomes an Innovation Leader and Drives 2X CVR With Syte

Higher CVR
AOV Uplift
Higher ARPU

Digital native home decor retailer Mobly set out to reimagine the customer experience for online shoppers. Since its inception in 2011, the São Paulo-based eCommerce giant has quickly become a household name for home and garden goods across South America. Mobly’s massive inventory caters to a wide range of tastes while challenging conventional styles. It provides a sophisticated and highly personalized digital customer experience for its 4.5 million monthly visitors, as well as the in-store shoppers who visit its 11 physical locations.

Find out how Syte’s Product Discovery Platform can transform your customer experience.


Transforming Moments of Inspiration Into Points of Sale

The customer experience experts at Mobly recognized early that shoppers needed visual inspiration onsite, but they lacked the tools to create an engaging and inspirational journey. To correct this, Mobly invested in building systems that could produce customizable 3D renderings and inspiration galleries. This generated sales but demanded complex and time-consuming development resources. The Mobly team understood quickly that in order to advance customer experience, they needed a visual discovery solution that would satisfy their goals to:

  • Create a compelling and engaging visual shopping experience
  • Showcase products that best suit individual shoppers’ unique tastes
  • Become the first online home furnishing retailer in South America to use Visual AI
  • Integrate this technology with minimal development resources

Mobly Proves the Power of Visual Discovery With A/B Testing

Mobly got Syte up and running with ease, using a plug-and-play JavaScript implementation on desktop and mobile, and via API on their app. After activating Camera Search capabilities, Mobly quickly saw a higher conversion rate. To boost engagement even further, they added Syte’s Discovery Button, which enables shoppers to continue browsing visually similar items on product listing and display pages. After running an A/B test on the Discovery Button, Mobly found that just this inspiration-led product discovery tool alone increased conversion site-wide by 4.42% and average revenue per user by 5.53%. In combination with Camera Search, the impact was staggering.

“We’ve partnered with many other vendors, but our integration with Syte truly stands out. The visual AI technology is first-class, and it has tripled conversion for us. The team at Syte is always there to answer any questions — the whole journey with them has been superb.”