How Tally Weijl Uses Visual AI to Drive Conversion Through Ongoing Product Discovery

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As a large-scale fashion retailer, Tally Weijl has a wide assortment of fast-moving merchandise. The European retailer, which has been operating since 1984, was looking for ways to expose customers to new items and move more of its inventory. Tally Weijl recently trialed sending orders directly from its German and Swiss brick-and-mortar shops to free up instore inventories. This led the retailer to seek a technology to showcase its offerings across other leading outposts by enhancing online product discovery and recommending similar items. As popular items began to take off, it became more difficult for Tally Weijl to restock and buy more of the hottest sellers in light of logistical challenges in a post- COVID-19 climate.

*Results are based on shoppers who use Syte’s solutions (i.e. customers who clicked on a result provided by Syte) as compared to the average number of non-Syte shoppers on the website.

Tally Weijl is on AWS.

Find out how Syte’s Product Discovery Platform can transform your customer experience.


Driving Online Product Discovery

The company needed an efficient solution for customers who couldn’t find their size or what they were initially looking for. The Tally Weijl merchandising team aimed to maximize the online customer experience and increase conversion by integrating a visual AI technology to help buyers navigate through its wide product assortment. They also sought to connect shoppers with relevant visual search results, similar products, and personalized recommendations.


Maximizing CX Through Recommendation Engines and Hyper-Personalization

Tally Weijl deployed Syte’s Camera Search technology and Recommendation Carousels (i.e., Shop Similar and Shop the Look) on desktop, mobile, and app interfaces. When customers couldn’t find items in their size or if the item was out-of-stock, shoppers were served relevant recommendations and similar-looking items through the carousels. In addition, Tally launched Syte’s personalization solution on desktop to provide tailored recommendations based on shoppers’ visual preferences and cumulative session history. Syte’s smart merchandising rules have also helped Tally Weijl to promote and demote items on its website. As a Gen Z brand, customers are also very in touch with what Tally Weijl does on social. When posts receive high engagement, Tally can surface those items on its website with greater frequency through the product detail page (PDP) and carousels.

Because goods are fast-moving, personalized product discovery is key, especially in terms of recommending similar items for out-of-stock pieces. When customers are able to find their favorite products or comparable ones, that is great for the overall customer experience and sales.