How Nalli Silks Took Tradition to the Cutting Edge, Boosting CVR by 5.7X

Higher CVR*
AOV Uplift*
Higher ARPU*

With more than 15,000 one-of-a-kind sarees in their eCommerce catalogue, Nalli Silks needed an innovative way to help shoppers find their perfect items in a sea of stunning silk. This is especially true for sarees, where the difference between designs is all in the details. Fortunately, Nalli, an iconic heritage brand founded in Chennai, India in 1928, has a long history of embracing the forefront of technology to deliver better experiences to their dedicated customers, among them celebrities and political figures alike, including the late Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

Nalli established themselves as industry innovators early on, experimenting with new methods of fabric dyeing to create unique designs. Now, nearly a century later, the brand maintains a hard-earned reputation for an impressive selection of sarees both in-store and online.

*Results are based on shoppers who use Syte solutions (i.e. customers who clicked on a result provided by Syte) as compared to the average number of non-Syte shoppers on the website.

Nalli Silks

Find out how Syte’s Product Discovery Platform can transform your customer experience.


Connecting Shoppers With Sarees They’ll Love

Nalli’s extensive inventory was hard for online shoppers to navigate, not just because of the number of SKUs, but also because sarees are structurally very similar to one another. In order to efficiently guide shoppers to the styles of sarees they would want to buy, the brand needed a way to identify and organize the garments based on their finest visual details.

Nalli’s team began by building a flow chart to group similar sarees together, manually tagging product attributes to create style clusters. However, they immediately understood this would be a near-impossible task to complete without the help of advanced computer vision technology.

After first trying to build a visual AI engine in-house, Nalli soon set out to find a vendor that would:

  • Help shoppers immediately find sarees that suit their tastes through visual search
  • Introduce online shoppers to the right products at the right time, as a salesperson does in-store
  • Recommend relevant and similar items as one-of-a-kind sarees sold out
  • Become a true partner in Nalli’s vision for innovation

Nalli Leverages the Power of Visual AI to Enhance Product Discovery

Nalli implemented Syte’s entire Product Discovery Platform, beginning with the Visual Discovery Suite. In addition to shoppers enjoying Camera Search and the Discovery Button, which allow them to instantly find sarees that suit their tastes, Nalli’s in-house customer service team also benefits from using these image search capabilities. The team frequently receives photos from shoppers who have seen a particular saree and are looking for similar styles. Instead of searching manually,  they now use Syte’s Camera Search to efficiently find relevant items and provide top-notch customer service. 


Nalli also implemented Augmented Site Search and the Hyper-Personalization Suite to create the same intuitive product discovery journeys via text search and product recommendations. With Syte’s solutions working in tandem, Nalli has been able to exceed its goals for both customer experience and sales growth.

  • Shoppers who use Syte’s solutions convert at a rate 5.7x higher than those who don’t
  • Average order value increased by 5.4%%
  • Average revenue per user jumped by 503%

We wanted a true technology partner. We did look at other products, and Syte was not just the best as a product, but the service, too. We’ve seen very good improvement in conversion rate, which I can largely attribute to Syte’s products.