Building Long-Term Brand Affinity Using Syte’s Product Discovery Platform

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Perry Ellis is a global lifestyle brand that designs clothes, fragrances, watches, accessories, and footwear. The eponymous fashion label was founded in 1974 to rewrite the rules of menswear and redefine American sportswear. Perry Ellis believes fashion is fun and should be reflected in never-before-seen styles, patterns, and shapes. The Perry Ellis ethos still rings true today, striving for innovation at every turn and creating versatile and adaptable wardrobes for men — whether for work, play, or family.

*Results are based on shoppers who interact with Syte’s solutions compared to website averages.

Find out how Syte’s Product Discovery Platform can transform your customer experience.


Boosting Long-Term Brand Loyalty

Perry Ellis was looking to create a better customer experience (CX) to build long-term affinity and loyalty for the brand. Perry Ellis’ customers are very visual in nature, and the menswear retailer wanted to help shoppers view products in different ways and offer suggestions for similar items. Perry Ellis sought to maximize its existing customer base, and boost conversion (CVR) and average order value (AOV) while reducing its bounce rate and return rate.


Customers Love Seeing Similar Items

Perry Ellis implemented Syte’s Discovery Button on its product detail pages (PDPs) and product listing pages (PLPs). The technology enables Perry Ellis to merchandise similar products to shoppers with an affinity for particular styles and patterns.

Perry Ellis’ customers have responded well. “We’ve gotten comments from our customers about how cool and helpful it’s been to look at other items that were similar to what they were shopping for,” said Jay Nigrelli, Senior Vice President for eCommerce at Perry Ellis.

The smooth product discovery journey is paying off. On product pages, shoppers who engage with the Discovery Button are converting at a higher rate than the non-engagers, Nigrelli said.

Going forward, Nigrelli said he sees Syte’s visual recommendations as a way to enhance Perry Ellis’ email and loyalty programs.

The menswear retailer also believes that presenting buyers with hyper-relevant suggestions will reduce its return rate, a key strategic initiative. “The more options the customer has, the more likely they are to find the right item rather than something they’ve settled for, and therefore Syte can help with that,” he added.

Nigrelli also praised the experience of working with Syte. “The Syte integration team did a great job of working with our internal development team to make sure the customer experience on both the front end and the back end was exactly how we wanted it,” he said.

“We use many technologies on our website, but none provide the discovery that Syte does. It’s a very unique offering that fits well into our goals. Ultimately, we’re looking for improved customer loyalty for a better experience to generate a more productive sale from visitors.”