Recommendation Engines

Make shopping fun and convenient with personalized experiences and recommendations that are driven by the most important criteria for your shoppers—the look. With Syte, you can create recommendations tailored to the person, not the persona.

Syte uses a breakthrough technology in the area of particle physics and applied it to retail to power intelligent product recommendations, enabling you to showcase the most relevant items throughout the buyer journey. Customers discover products through purposeful navigation, increasing relevant product exposure and basket size.

Shop the Look

Turn product and home styling into a shoppable asset. Using visual AI, all items featured in a product or home décor image become shoppable, enabling your site to become a destination for inspiration.

Shop Similar

Show more of what your shoppers love. By automatically surfacing all similar items to the products shoppers are looking at, discovering the right product is easier than ever, with no need for additional searches or navigating through endless pages.

Related Looks

Connect the social and retail worlds. Pair your relevant user-generated content (UGC) from social media platforms to your matching catalog products and allow your shoppers to get inspired by real-world images. This drives trust, fashion and home décor styling recommendations, and cross-sell opportunities by making real-world looks instantly shoppable.

Social Stylist

Help customers creatively style the products they have selected. Show styling suggestions based on visual AI recommendations gained from thousands of curated, popular influencer posts. Social Stylist is the world’s first fully automated Complete the Look solution, and the first solution leveraging social media big data to drive the trendiest style recommendations.



Increase in Average Order Value

Encourage spontaneous purchases when customers see not only visually similar products but also fashion and home styling tips.


Recommendation Engine Conversion Rates

Expand product exposure and purchase as customers get unique, personalized recommendations

Increase Engagement

Delight customers with immediate, visually similar results when they search for the products they want.

Next-Generation Visual AI

Science and Engineering Leadership

Syte’s physicists bring 15 years of computer vision research and development (R&D) in European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) labs. Having delivered this century’s biggest physics discovery, the Higgs boson particle, the Syte team spent an additional four years perfecting their content-based image retrieval (CBIR) technology and transitioning it to the world of retail. Syte’s team was able to overcome all barriers in the world of visual AI, and until today, deliver the unmatched technology performance that the industry has been waiting for.


With an accuracy of 95%, Syte is 2X to 6X more accurate compared to any similar technology, as benchmarked by the world’s largest companies (Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, Nike, Farfetch, Marks & Spencer, and others). With this “make or break” criteria of visual AI, Syte makes it work, and is the only solution that consistently delivers on the promise of finding the most similar match.


Syte has near zero latency search, with an average response time of 500ms.

Multi-object Detection

Syte detects multiple objects in a photo with a single image upload, eliminating the need for shoppers to manually crop their images in order to pinpoint their searches to the relevant product and thus creating the most frictionless experience.

Gender, Age, Brand and Logo Detection

Besides the merchandise, Syte also detects age, gender, hundreds of logos, and brands—automatically.

General Category Detection

Beyond fashion and home décor, Syte detects other retail categories such as groceries, packaged goods, toys, and more.

Deep Fashion and Home Décor Detection

From big items such as sofas and headboards to the very small items such as watches and earrings, Syte detects all shoppable items in an image, down to minute styling details, driving style-accurate matches.

Near Real-time High Scale Indexing

Syte processes hundreds of millions of products, with an hourly inventory refresh.

Proprietary Fashion and Home Décor Lexicons

With over 15,000 attributes and values, Syte breaks down an image into its minute style details for accurate meta-tagging.


Visual Search Marketplace

Joining Syte means inclusion into its global marketplace of over 2 billion users. Customer reach includes millions of Samsung smartphone users, Huawei device users and other major mobile brands, apps, and content websites.

Next-Gen Visual AI

Syte makes it work. Syte has been extensively benchmarked by global companies and repeatedly selected as best. It has 2X-6X accuracy over alternatives, 3X-20X the speed, superior and customizable UX, and more.

Innovation & Partnership

Syte has the most diversified use cases, driving innovation online, on social media, in-store, and internally. It is laser-focused on client success across the entire shopping journey.

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