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Sometimes finding the right words can be hard.
Syte provides product recognition technology to retailers, allowing their users to shop from any image. Once Syte’s camera button is live on an eCommerce site, shoppers can upload a photo of anything that inspires them and shop the most visually similar results from within that retailer’s inventory.
Using deep learning and AI technology, Syte breaks the image into each component allowing the user to shop the whole outfit. Enhancing users’ experience with visual search allows shoppers to be freed of the restraints set by textual search.
Let inspiration guide your user’s journey
Retailers need to go where their shoppers are. For most, that is social media. Syte’s InstaSearch feature brings social media to eCommerce, making online shopping an interactive experience by connecting shoppers with their favorite influencers.
How it works:
Users can upload an image of a garment they are interested in, but are not quite sure how to style.
Syte’s deep learning algorithm reads the image, and brings back a feed of social media influencers sporting the same piece, but all styled differently.
Once the user sees a look they like, they select the image and can shop the most visually similar items from the entire outfit within that retailer’s inventory.
The more you know...
From the product image alone, Syte’s automatic deep tagging technology breaks down each garment to it’s most nuanced attributes.
Every product within a retailer’s inventory will be backed with deep, detailed textual tags.
Flare sleeve
Long sleeve
This provides comprehensive data to assist in predictive analytics, trend forecasting, and enhanced textual search for retailers.
By ensuring that the data collected is as detailed as possible, Syte brings greater accuracy and more room for a personalized, tailored shopping experience.
The current retail climate has made it clear - innovate or die.
But what happens when those who promise to improve and streamline, actually weigh you down with long integrations, endless expenses and inaccurate results?
Why Syte?
We worked for 3 years with the most renowned deep learning specialists in the world to ensure we created a product that worked, and worked well. We saw how fearful many were to take a chance on something truly innovative because of the let down they had experienced. That is why Syte is built on 3 pillars - Accuracy, Seamless integration and Innovation.
We know that the greatest innovation out there isn’t truly groundbreaking until it works. That is why speed and accuracy are our number one priority. After benchmark testing our results were proven 95% accurate with a response time of 500ms.
Seamless Integration
You spoke, and we listened. Time and time again we hear horror stories of endless processes and hours of your time and resources spent trying to integrate. That is why we ensured, before ever entering the market, that our product would be simple to integrate. This means no manual training, with one line of code your solution will be up and running.
With our advanced AI, we are able to expand into multiple use cases. We are constantly improving and developing- much of which comes from listening to our clients and to market needs. The tech that powers such a dynamic industry, should mirror the same adaptability.
Retailer Testimony
Karen Harris
Managing Director IntuDigital Ltd
“One of the things I’ve really liked about working with Syte is they’re quick, and nothing is a problem.”
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Syte has been shortlisted for Tech Collaboration of the Year and Tech. Supplier of the Year by Retail Week Tech Awards
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