Eliminating Out-Of-Stock Roadblocks With Similar Recommendations

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Hibbett is a leading athletic-inspired fashion retailer operating in the eCommerce sphere, with 1,100+ physical stores across 36 states in the U.S. The brand recently won the #1 spot in the Omnichannel Leadership Report by NewStore, which assessed the online, mobile app, and in-store shopping experiences of 300 companies.

During the pandemic, various supply chain challenges led to out-of- stock scenarios for many retailers, including Hibbett. Because the bulk of Hibbett’s sales come from footwear, when a specific size is sold out, recommending complementary products available in a customer’s size is key for the sportswear brand.

*Results are based on shoppers who use Syte solutions (i.e. customers who clicked on a result provided by Syte) as compared to the average number of non-Syte shoppers on the website.


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Recommending Similar Items in Out-of-Stock Scenarios

Prior attempts at offering product recommendations on the Hibbett website didn’t go far enough, and the retailer sought a solution to connect shoppers with relevant similar pieces.

“We were trying to figure out the best way to offset the out-of-stock issues we were experiencing. In our business, we don’t have a lot of replenishable inventory. So, once we sell out of an item, we’re done with it and get the next cycle of merchandise,” explained Bill Quinn, SVP of Marketing and Digital at Hibbett.

“People come to us expecting a certain product, then we don’t have it. So, being able to give them something very similar to it solves a lot of problems for our customers,” he added.

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Amplifying the Online and Offline Connection

Hibbett implemented Syte’s Visual Discovery offering on its website and app. Syte’s unique offering addressed out-of-stock challenges by suggesting similar pieces to shoppers through recommendation carousels and Syte’s Discovery Button. This has helped reduce buyer friction and boost the overall customer experience.

Following A/B tests of Syte’s features in different placements on the product detail pages (PDP) and product listing pages (PLP), Hibbett found there was a positive uplift in the conversion rate and revenue per session. The winning position of the Discovery Button on the PDP — with the prompt “Out of Your Size? See Similar Items” — was directly below the sizing area, as it gave shoppers the right message in context.

“By collecting customer data through A/B tests, we determined there was a very positive sales lift as a result of adding Syte to the website. Subsequently, we added the technology to our app, and everyone is really happy with how it is working.”

Bill Quinn, Hibbett