How Nourison Boosted Average Revenue Per User and Conversion Rates With Rightpoint and Syte

Higher CVR*
Higher ARPU*

Rightpoint, a global experience and Genpact company, manages the eCommerce site of the B2B home decor brand Nourison and provides digital strategy and business guidance for the retailer. Nourison has been in operation since 1980 and is the leading multi-category resource in today’s floor covering market. The company has a variety of products from signature, handmade area rug collections such as Nourison 2000 and Prismatic to prestige designer lines like Calvin Klein and Grand Parterre’s best-selling carpets. Sourcing a visual search technology for Nourison was already on Rightpoint’s radar, as online shopping activity had picked up due to the pandemic. When Rightpoint noted that its competitors were leveraging more advanced visual technology, integrating a Product Discovery Platform was the next step in appealing to Nourison’s customer base.

*Results are based on shoppers who use Syte’s solutions (i.e. customers who clicked on a result provided by Syte) as compared to the average number of non-Syte shoppers on the website.

Find out how Syte’s Product Discovery Platform can transform your customer experience.


Streamlining Product Discovery

Given Nourison’s large catalogue of products, it was important for Rightpoint to make online product discovery easier and more intuitive for customers. To advance Nourison’s eCommerce strategy, Rightpoint aimed to illustrate its client’s home decor range, including area rugs, carpets, and accessories, in an interactive way using visual AI. Rightpoint also sought a technology that would automate the process of manually tagging Nourison’s product recommendation carousels to save time and money. As a B2B company, it was pivotal for Nourison to focus on retention, longterm relationship building, and the overall customer experience by integrating a robust Product Discovery Platform.


Visual AI Takes CX to the Next Level

Syte’s Camera Search and Discovery Button were both deployed on Nourison’s desktop and mobile interfaces. Nourison enhanced the customer experience with greater flexibility in terms of search functionality and product discovery. This led to significantly more activity from customers, with higher conversion and positive data based on interactions with the search tool. Nourison recently launched a new online rug and carpet design tool, Design Now, which caters to its customers in the hospitality industry. It is currently integrating Syte’s Product Discovery Platform to make it easy for buyers and designers to find the products they’re searching for or similar options.

“Nourison’s eCommerce strategy is primarily focused on the overall experience upgrade, so B2B retention, customer lifetime value, and improving CX are key. These touchpoints have been enriched by integrating Syte’s intelligent visual search technology.”