How Terminal X Became a Fashion Innovation Leader

Here’s how Terminal X is using visual AI technology to spark innovation and improve customer satisfaction one use case at a time.

Terminal X is a top Israeli retailer with a massive inventory that includes products from 200+ brands for women, men, and children. Its eCommerce site and mobile shopping app are home to leading brands like Nike, Mango, Adidas, New Balance, Converse, and Terminal X’s own popular house brand.

Terminal X’s slogan is “Real-time Satisfashion,” which speaks to the retailer’s drive to be on the pulse of fashion trends and connect shoppers with the best items around — whether sportswear, premium fashion, footwear, accessories, home decor, or beauty.

To spark innovation and uncover endless visual AI use cases that would delight their customers, Terminal X worked together with Syte as a partner to implement several technologies, namely Image Search, Shop the Look and Shop Similar Recommendation Carousels, the Discovery Button, and personalized product recommendations.

Keeping the Inspo Flowing

Terminal X has many collaborations with social media influencers and designers, including Ada by Adele for kids clothes, Yuval Caspit, and Coral Simanovich. Its flagship and TX Collabs pieces sell out fast, so recommending relevant in-stock items is crucial for the fashion retailer. 

Its mobile app, available in the App Store and on Google Play, features alternative out-of-stock recommendations to keep shoppers inspired even when items are sold out. If a customer happens to be browsing Terminal X’s “Vacay Mode On” story and finds the perfect all-day bikini only for it to be out-of-stock, all they have to do is click on the Shop Similar Discovery Button or scroll down to the Similar Items carousel to see comparable recommendations.

Terminal X’s Discovery Button is an innovative way to encourage shoppers to browse and discover more ideal products. A customer may have their eyes set on an iconic Smiley hoodie in bright pink but opt for an even cozier sweatshirt option from Vans after seeing similar items from the Discovery Button.

The Image Search icon on Terminal X’s homepage is also a key feature, encouraging users to upload images saved from the web and social media to find their favorite looks or be inspired by a tile gallery of ideas.

Personalized Product Listing Pages

The fashion retailer also recently debuted visual AI-powered product listing pages curated for each Terminal X account member. 

As soon as users log into their account, their page is populated with personalized collections to shop from Terminal X. Personalized product recommendations are based on behavioral data, such as searching and browsing history, past clicks, and purchases.

What Else is New?

Terminal X is also leveraging visual AI to create baby set collections that make the buying journey easier than ever. Instead of independently searching for shorts matched to a top, recommender technology can group sets together into quickly shoppable collections.

Terminal X Opens New Doors for Fashion eCommerce 

Terminal X was quick to realize that for them, the path to innovation across eCommerce sites and mobile shopping apps begins with visual AI technology. It opens the door to a myriad of use cases to optimize the customer experience and how shoppers discover new items, and provides an opportunity to personalize content and offers for each and every customer. As an early adopter of visual AI for fashion, Terminal X is maintaining its position as the leading online retailer in Israel.