The Buyer’s Guide to Visual AI for Retail

This guide is designed to help eCommerce and retail product leaders dive into the world of visual AI and its capabilities, map the key criteria for evaluating solutions, and find the technology best-suited to your needs.

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Inside This Guide:

visual ai for retail

This guide provides a deep dive into visual search and visual AI for retail to help you better understand the technology, identify key criteria for evaluating vendors, and plan for a successful implementation.

You’ll get a detailed breakdown of:

  • The business and CX benefits of visual AI solutions
  • What to look for when evaluating visual AI and visual search technology
  • How to compare competing vendors
  • Key KPIs to track success
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visual ai ecommerce

What You’ll Learn:

How to transform your customer journey with visual AI
How to effectively track the business impact of visual search
What criteria to look for when evaluating a visual AI solution
How to compare competing vendors
The full potential of on-site visual AI technologies for eCommerce search and discovery