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In-depth reports and publications—everything you need to transform your retail business with visual search and AI technology.

5 Best Implementations of Visual Search

Through a series of visual search implementations, retailers, brands, and marketplaces are going to see how the technology works to benefit both consumers and retailers in the short and long run.

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Is Building Visual Search In-House Feasible?

Buying or building visual search depends on existing capabilities and future goals. This guide will help you weigh different factors such as costs, resources, speed, return on investment, and innovation related to the build or buy visual AI dilemma.

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5 Ways to Crush Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Visual Search

Every November, the biggest retail events in the world are happening. Yes, we’re talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This guide discusses ways to capitalize on these shopping extravaganzas or enlarge your existing slice of the pie with visual search. Download now!

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Cheat Sheet: How to Choose a Visual Search Solution for Your Website or App

Deciding which visual search solution to buy for your website or app involves multiple layers of considerations, decisions, and stakeholders. Let this question-based cheat sheet help you out!

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The Definitive Guide to Visual Search

Visual AI is transforming retail as visual-based search and AI image tagging offer a more intuitive and convenient shopping experience for customers. Here’s a comprehensive guide for retailers, brands, and marketplaces on the ins and outs of visual search.

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Whitepaper: An Overview of the Visual AI Landscape

Are you a brand, retailer, or marketplace interested in improving product discovery and customer experience with visual search? Download this in-depth whitepaper to get a plan for evaluating visual AI solutions and vendors.

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