Wednesday, February 15
5 pm CET / 11 am ET

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Syte’s visual search and discovery solutions offer wide-ranging benefits to help your brand improve product discoverability, reduce friction, boost customer loyalty, and sell more. But do you know where and how to place features such as Camera Search and Discovery Button to maximize engagement and conversion, or the optimal order for Recommendation Carousels on your PDP to increase average order value?

Using A/B testing data gleaned from tens of millions of sessions, our expert webinar will review the UX changes that yield the highest rewards:

  • Best practices for Camera Search, Discovery Button and Recommendation Carousels
  • Optimizing the placement of features for best results
  • Increasing desktop and mobile engagement, CTR and CVR with specific text and icons

Featured Speaker

Aaron Ellis

Senior Customer Success Manager

Aaron Ellis is a Senior Customer Success Manager and eCommerce Consultant at Syte. With over a decade of expertise in  eCommerce industry, he’s worked closely with brands of all sizes to improve their performance, conversion rate, and other eCommerce KPIs. Aaron is driven by data and loves to connect the dots between business goals and customer experience, sharing insights he’s gained by working with some of largest and innovative retailers online.