Dynamic Emails

Dynamic emails are personalized messages sent to customers that are customized based on specific user data. Marketers change variables on the content to target users, who are then grouped according to demographics, preferences, or consumer behavior, among others.

Brands and retailers can use dynamic emails to provide shoppers with relevant and engaging experiences beyond the brand website. Often, users share their data so that you can tailor the customer experience even off site. The customizable content on such personalized emails are usually product recommendations, promotions, and loyalty rewards. Done right, dynamic emails can contribute to improving brand awareness, increasing conversions, and sustaining long-term relationships with customers.

How It Works

To create personalized content for customers, brands and retailers gather customer data first. This can be done in a few ways, such as research and data review on brand platforms, customer feedback, and customer interviews.

You then divide customers into segments, targeting them based on demographics, psychographics, behavioral data, and user preferences. You can also consider where shoppers are in the customer journey to develop a strategy that they are more likely to respond to.

After segmentation, the next step is to customize the messages and imagery for each group. You can edit parts of the email to target your customers better.

Benefits of Dynamic Emails

By using dynamic emails, you can go beyond the brand website to reach out to customers. For instance, shoppers can see relevant information and product recommendations based on their previous browsing behavior and search intent on your site. These are not generic but are highly personalized to reflect all of customers’ individual interests and intentions. With dynamic emails, they can be prompted to start or continue a purchase.

The following are other benefits brands can gain from sending dynamic emails:

  • Delivering ongoing shopping experiences with your brand. Customer experience is not limited to your website and social media accounts. Sending dynamic emails can make shoppers feel that you put them first, keeping your brand top of mind. With a few changes, you can have multiple opportunities to tailor the experience to each unique customer.
  • Optimizing your marketing efforts. You do not have to create different emails for individual customers. Instead, you can alter the content for a particular group and personalize emails at scale. In turn, this saves your team time and lets you focus on other brand initiatives.
  • Creating customer engagements that inspire action. Shoppers receive enough emails in a day. But when your content is relevant and highly personalized, they are more likely to take action. They can pick up where they left off the last time they were on your site or app. With increased customer engagement, you can nurture more relationships and generate more conversions.

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