The State of eCommerce Discovery in 2021

This report gives eCommerce leaders an in-depth look at online browsing and spending benchmarks as well as emerging consumer habits in the fashion, jewelry, and home decor sectors as the world re-opens. Dive in to stay up to date on changing shopper expectations, behaviors, and needs in the retail recovery.


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Inside the Report:

state of ecommerce discovery

This report analyzes more than 823 million eCommerce sessions to better understand post-pandemic shopper behaviors and expectations, and provide brands with:

  • Online browsing & buying benchmarks for fashion, jewelry, and home decor
  • Data on mobile and desktop conversion rates, average order value, and more
  • A detailed breakdown of emerging shopper types and their on-site behaviors

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state of ecommerce discovery

What You’ll Learn:

How post-pandemic shoppers prefer to buy in your vertical

How spending habits differ by device

Which new types of shopper behaviors are emerging across verticals

How to design experiences that will win over new shopper types