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Visual Search On Pinterest

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | March 10, 2021

Visual search on Pinterest. How do you do one on the social media program?

The visual search was already about for a few years. Then, many search engines like Google and social systems like Pinterest made one.

This makes it simpler for users to ask for a thing they are looking for. 

You only need to take a photo of that thing you want to know.

Then, viola! You get more exact and even faster outcomes. Sounds nice, right?

But how do you do one on one of the top social commerce programs out there?

Read on to know more about visual search on Pinterest.

Visual Search On Pinterest

Visual search on Pinterest is one of the big members of the game. When you want to look for a thing, it is easy to do with their shoppable clips.

For example, you saw a pinned photo and saw the image wearing very nice shoes. Or it may be a kitchen idea inspiration and saw a nice blender.

So, what you can do is very easy. You can tap on the search symbol found in the upper right-hand angle.

If you want to find exact shoes or blenders, you can move and resize a case around that area. Then, Pinterest will find that item for you in moments.

Most of the time, Pinterest can then give you the parts of the item. Like its name, price, and where to buy. Very helpful, right?

But there are more exciting things you can do.

Pinterest Lens

Seeking for within a picture on Pinterest is not the same as Pinterest Lens. So, what is this?

Pinterest Lens is a tool that lets you search the real world. For example, you may move around your office. Then, you saw a very nice seat you think would fit the idea of your room.

So, what you can do is to go to Pinterest Lens and take a photo of the seat. Then, Pinterest will search for the thing for you.

After, it will give you outcomes. Sometimes it can be the result of the same chair. But sometimes they may give you the effects of similar-looking ones.

There are also other points to their Lens. For one, you can now save pictures you took using it. Or you may opt to turn these photos into a bar and save them aboard.

Pretty useful, right? That is why many are now using Pinterest’s visual search tools.

Let us take a look at some signs.

Visual Search Effectiveness

Pinterest did some research on how useful their visual search tools are. And these are what they found on Pinterest:

  • Most Pinterest users at 85% start with a visual search when buying. This is versus 58% for non-users.
  • Almost half of the users at around 49% feel closer to names via visual search.
  • Almost all or around 85% of users think visual data is more important than text learning.

So, what are you expecting? Go forward and try Pinterest’s visual search and see for yourself.

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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