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Visual Search in Retail: Revolutionizing Buyer Experience

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Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | January 27, 2021

The impact of visual search in retail is impressive. In fact, it helps retailers earn more. Plus, it makes the experience of customers better.

But, why does visual search matter? And in what way does it revolutionize buyer experience? Read on to learn more.

Why We Need Visual Search in Daily Lives

Imagine you are walking on the street. Then, you saw someone pass by, wearing a pair of boots that caught your eye. 

You went to your go-to online shopping site. But, what should you type? How would you describe the boots?

How can you tell the exact color, type of cloth, and texture? What about the length? Does it have a chunky sole?

See, so many questions arise. And you haven’t even started searching yet! When you started doing so, there are so many vague keywords.

So, it will be hard to guess the exact term to find the same boots. Worse, the results are so far from what you have in mind!

And before you know it, that girl who’s wearing the boots already passed by. You can’t even ask her where to buy it.

Now, is there any other way to simplify searching? Think visual search in retail.

Visual Search for eCommerce

Visual search uses an image to search. Well, how can it make searching easier?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. At the same time, visual search can save you thousands of time!

No more inaccurate search results. Or frustration from finding the same item!

With visual search, all it takes is a snap of the item. And you can see the store that sells it.

So, how does it revolutionize buyer experience in eCommerce?

Transform Buyer Experience With Visual Search

Visual search simplifies the buying experiences for customers. And if the process is simple, they are more likely to buy something.

To make this possible, lots of technologies are used. For example, visual search uses artificial intelligence.

So, it gives the most accurate results for every search. It can even detect the color and the style of the product.

Convert Search to Purchase

Visual search also increases the conversion of searching to actually buying. So, it means more sales for retailers, right?

Besides, reports show that brands who use visual search will succeed in business. This is vital now, especially that there are so many competitors.

Another study also shows that millennials want easier and high-tech buying. So, applying visual search technology can attract young shoppers.

It just shows how important visual search is for eCommerce. Doing so can make a business future-proof, too.

Out of Stock Into an Opportunity

Have you tried browsing an online store? But you found the item you want to buy is out of stock?

More often than not, you will just close the tab. Or maybe go to another website and browse more. Well, visual search can overturn that situation. How?

The item you want may be out of stock. But, visual search can show similar products. So, how does it work?

Customers can see “View Similar” on the page. And customers will love that suggested feature. So, there can still be a chance that they buy from your eCommerce site.

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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