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Product Discovery Viral Launch: Amazon Selling Made Easier

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Jessica MillerJessica Miller | January 27, 2021

Since 2019, Amazon has been a home of more than 1 million sellers. The tool for product discovery Viral Launch helps these sellers gain their advantage in the market.

Let us see how this product discovery tool works.

The Challenge Of Amazon Selling

Amazon selling is a booming industry in today’s e-commerce. Being an Amazon is easier than setting up physical stores. In addition, selling in Amazon is limitless in scope. For instance, you can decide for yourself how much profit you wish to make.

However, what you sell can either make or break success. This is a challenge for Amazon sellers. Not to mention how the competition in this industry is ever-growing. Thus, sellers need to stand out and gain their edge.

Thankfully, there are tools available in the market that are developed to help you in this regard. These tools are designed to guide Amazon sellers into their product discovery. 

Product Discovery Viral Launch: Features For Amazon Sellers

Viral Launch is a product discovery tool for Amazon sellers. This serves as their ultimate toolbox in finding winning products. This software has a number of tools for different functions in Amazon selling.

1. Gain Expertise From Experts

Moreover, This tool is a byproduct of expert Amazon sellers. Which is an advantage in this ever-competitive market. 

For example, this tool equips its users with a Keyword Research tool. Keywords have the power to rank your products. As a result, these can help you increase product visibility among your target market.

2. Easy Set-Up & Management

Furthermore, Viral Launch is easy to set-up. First, simply sign-up for an account. Their account varies in membership. So choose what suits your need. Then, follow the steps they ask you to make.

After signing up, the tool will direct you into your dashboard. The dashboard shall give you a holistic view of your product search. For example, it shows all the available tools.

3. Easy Web Extension

Aside from the software itself, Viral Launch has a browser extension. However, this separate tool works differently than the software.

For example, using this tool, you can directly browse the Amazon marketplace. With this, you can directly find winning niches and products.  

Surely, this product discovery tool is a bomb. True, selling in Amazon is competitive. But having tools like this makes the business smooth sailing.

How does Viral Launch do this? Well, it all comes from a combination of power tools. 

Product Discovery Viral Launch: Tools

Five tools consist of the Viral Launch software. Let us discuss each of these briefly.

1. Amazon Product Research

Helps you find reliable product ideas. It also comes with sales estimates & insights.

2. Amazon Competitor Tracking

Moreover, this tool can help you monitor your top competitors. For instance, you can learn from them. Also, you can make use of their weaknesses as your strength.

3. Amazon Keyword Research

See winning keywords that will rank your products higher on searches.

4. Amazon Advertising & PPC

This tool can also help you with your ads. For example, it has ad rank tracking and product-targeting suggestions.

5. Amazon Keyword Tracking

Moreover, this tool can help you boost your keyword strategies. 

Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller

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