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The History Of Mobile Commerce

Can you guess how long the concept of “mobile commerce” has been in existence? People have been making purchases from their smart devices for about…

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Why Online Retailers and Foodies Love The Google Image Search Update

Thanks to Google, visual search recently got more exciting than ever for foodies since their latest update. Up until this update, if people were searching…

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This Is How Quickly The Brain Processes Images

How quickly do you think the brain processes images? As you can imagine, it’s far quicker than the blink of an eye. In fact, visual…

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Top 3 First Impressions In eCommerce

There are plenty of fish in the sea – not only in terms of romantic relationships, but also in terms of online retailers. This is…

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Facts You Must Know About Mobile Commerce

Shopping, especially online shopping, has dramatically improved in recent months thanks to technological advancements. The changes haven’t only taken place to benefit consumers. Online retailers…

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VR, AR, and Visual Search: Changing The Way We Shop

The introduction of eCommerce made waves in the world of traditional shopping, due to ease, speed, and convenience. Later on, the introduction of mobile commerce…

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Why Your eCommerce Website Needs Visual Search

Our brains process visual images far more quickly than textual images, not only with tangible items, but also in terms of Internet consumption. When it…

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eCommerce Basics: Before You Take The Plunge

Looking to get into the eCommerce game? Good for you! Before you take the plunge, there are some basics you need to know and implement….

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