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Mobile Image Search Guide In The Next Normal: All About Reverse Image Search

Ron RobinsonRon Robinson | January 27, 2021

Mobile Image Search is one of the hottest topics right now, and it is unlikely that you did not hear of it. This post gives a deeper look at what it is all about. 

Mobile Image Search Guide In The Next Normal: All About Reverse Image Search 

The search engine functionality, which helps you detect photos directly linked to your search words, is so popular right now. Still, there is another form of picture quest.

Moreover, this incident occurs when you already have the picture and have to find its hidden source or roots or identify related images.

The reverse picture scan is named and is now simple on your iOS or Android smartphone. 

This post gives you a quick to do a reverse picture search. Furthermore, it is applicable whether you’re using Chrome on Android or iOS. Here’s how to start.

  • Go to your selected browser picture.
  • Then tap and hold the photo until a menu emerges.
  • Tap Google Search for this pic.

Mobile Image Search: How To Do It With Google?

Your Android system might come with a pre-installed using Google Lens. In addition, the software is also independently accessible from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

You will use it to scan the reverse picture. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to a picture.2
  • To launch the image recognition process, tap the Lens icon.
  • The software detects the picture and presents you with identical, substitute photos.
  • Whether anyone gives you a picture or has it saved on your computer, you will upload it to find the reverse image. This system fits every browser in Android.

To import a picture to scan the reverse image, you need Google’s image search desktop edition. Here’s how to start.

  • In your browser, go to
  • If you want the laptop edition, you need to inquire about it. Still, tap the three points in the top right corner of Chrome to open the Further menu.
  • Choose the option Desktop Site.
  • To download a file, tap the tiny camera icon.

How To Do It On iPhone?

You can now do a reverse image search in iOS. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Go to the tab at
  • You want the laptop edition, but you would have to ask for it. Tap the Sharing icon in Safari to open the Share menu with the arrow. Tap the 3-dot More button at the bottom right of the Chrome screen.
  • Download the options and tap Request Desktop Site.
  • After downloading the tool, you can tap on the small camera icon to upload a file.

How To Do It With Websites?

If you choose to do a reverse image scan, whatever smartphone app or web browser you use, there are a couple more choices. Here’s a website to help you find the reverse image:

  • Go to in your selected web browser.
  • To upload an image, tap the arrow icon on the search window’s left.
  • Using your computer to take a new shot, select an image from your photo library, or search elsewhere. Based on the devices, the choices you get are somewhat different.
  • You’ll see any matches discovered until your image did post.

Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson

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