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How To Search Picture Using Reverse Image Search From Your Phone?

Ron RobinsonRon Robinson | January 27, 2021

Many users are still querying How To Search Picture Using Reverse Image Search From their Phone even though there are tons of free image search apps out there. Fortunately, this post will guide you to the answer you need.

How To Search Picture Using Reverse Image Search From Your Phone?

What Is Reverse Image Search?

Image Search helps you to search for a word and locate photos of what you typed. Thus, it is a fantastic tool, and most search engines sell it.

 But what if you got a snapshot and want to know the root of it? Or do you find identical pictures? It is where the quest Reverse Image Search starts

The reverse image scan of Google is a breeze on a laptop. Go to, click on a camera icon (), or add an image from your hard drive or drag a frame from another browser

To do that, you need to go to

How To Do It On Mobile?

With Google

Google incorporated a search feature for the reverse image into phones and tablets. However, you need to remember that this tool comes with some limitations.

The camera icon would not appear in the search bar while on Safari or Chrome web browsers fire up. The desktop edition needs to install on your mobile computer before using it.

In the Chrome desktop, you need to scroll down, press the 3-point menu and pick Request Desktop Site. The desktop edition is loaded, and the camera icon appears.

After that, you need to post pictures from your camera’s roll. Tap the upwards arrow on Safari to get the desktop site request alternative.

The Chrome web framework for iOS and Android also supports reverse image scans. 

When you have the picture to scan, hang on to it until there is a pop-up menu; click “Search Google for this image” at the bottom.

But It Doesn’t Work?

You may still pick Open Picture in the New Tab if those steps don’t work for any reason. Then copy your URL, return to and paste it into your URL.

However, you can try these additional steps.

  • Using either form, you can then show the results of a quest on the reverse image; you can only click on a “More sizes” link to see the pictures. 
  • Also, you may choose to restrict your question. These include searching animated GIFs, clip-art alternatives, or searching for the original pic color scheme.
  • Another alternative is to use the Search By Image website at reverse images. Moreover, it is a quick page of scripts for Google to work on a reverse photo quest, and even the Picture upload button works in smartphones.

If you think about it, it is much like Google should have set it up on its website from the start. Sheesh!

How To Do It With Bing?

The other huge search engine, Microsoft Bing, also offers the reverse picture. You can see a camera icon at the top of next to the search box.

Clicking it on the desktop includes an image URL or to upload a picture, much like Google does on the desktop.

The configuration is the same on cell phones; press Bing’s camera icon (). A pop-up says you would need to grant Bing access to your camera to scan an image; agree or decline with a tap.

Tap the Browse button at the lower left of the next screen. You can take a screenshot, search your photo archive or browse third-party resources in the pop-up menu.

Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson

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