9 Creative Mother’s Day Campaign Ideas to Boost Online Sales for Jewelry Brands

Implement one or more of these nine campaign strategies to meaningfully connect with shoppers this Mother’s Day.

When it comes to high-stakes buying decisions, everything from design to price point, emotions, memories, and more impact the overall path to purchase. Adding the extra layer of choosing a unique Mother’s Day gift for that special woman in your life every year can be a brain buster for many, which makes fine jewelry a tried and tested gifting option.

Last year saw an uptick in Mother’s Day spending both online and in person. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans planned to spend $28.1 billion – an all-time high in the history of NRF surveys. Online shopping, in particular, was still above pre-pandemic levels, indicating lingering concerns of in-person shopping and increased adoption of eCommerce in terms of Mother’s Day gifting.

Jewelry purchases accounted for 59% of the $1.4 billion increase compared with the previous year. Customers between the ages of 25 and 34, who are typically tech-savvy, gifted mostly high-priced items such as jewelry and electronics.

With this in mind, how can jewelry brands help shoppers find pieces with just the right amount of sparkle through thoughtful online shopping experiences? Let’s dive into some best practices that will fast-track you into successfully connecting with shoppers this Mother’s Day.

3 Mother’s Day Best Practices

Optimize for Search

Let’s face it, first impressions matter. Many consumers are already looking for fine jewelry, so creating landing pages that convert can make all the difference. When setting up your Mother’s Day landing page, check your SEO and product descriptions to ensure that new customers can find you through search engines. Copy should be relatable by covering a range of potential queries eager gifters might search for. You can also optimize your landing page with special codes and promotions to give visitors more incentives to buy jewelry from your brand.

Simplify Product Discovery

Save customers the time of sifting through your inventory to find the right gift. In anticipation of Mother’s Day, you can curate a collection of products that are ideal presents for moms. This can come in the form of a dedicated product listing page with discounted or promoted items, or special content. You can take advantage of the latter and explain the significance of certain jewelry styles and materials, adding to the research already done by shoppers.

For gifters who have a sense of their mom’s style but are struggling to put the ideal present into words, another way to make product discovery more efficient is by enabling shoppers to search with an image.

Other special content includes gift guides for every type of mom. It’s worth noting that Mother’s Day is not limited to biological mothers or stepmothers, customers also celebrate moms that are not necessarily their own, including wives, grandparents, siblings, daughters, and friends. You can also spotlight items for every personality – be it color-loving, sporty, or boss mom – through inspirational galleries.

Spread the Love Early

Jewelry pieces are not an impulse buy for most. By getting the word out weeks before Mother’s Day, you will give customers room to plan, budget, and do their research. For example, you can build excitement through Mother’s Day marketing campaigns, influencer collaborations, and targeted emails.

You can also communicate your promotions and new releases for the holiday through various channels, including social media, paid advertisements, videos, and the like. Have a significant following of loyal customers? Make them feel like VIPs with rewards exclusive to them. Building trust is also important in shopping for jewelry online. By highlighting user-generated content, you can inspire confidence in your brand and let customers know you can deliver.

9 Inspiring Examples of Mother’s Day Campaigns

To stand out as a shopping destination for Mother’s Day, jewelry brands need to seamlessly connect customers to products and nurture relationships that will encourage loyalty. They should also instill trust when shopping for big-ticket purchases online. Take some pointers from several examples below to create an exceptional campaign that sticks.

1. Aurate’s Surprise Perk

Incentivize customers by adding a gift with purchase they’ll appreciate. For Mother’s Day, Aurate is offering a beautiful bouquet of pink roses for every transaction that reaches a specific value. In addition to helping shoppers save time, this also makes Mother’s Day all the more special. A bonus, particularly in the form of another popular gift for moms, is always a perk.

Key takeaway: Surprise your customers with unexpected gifts and freebies with every purchase.

2. Bvlgari’s “A Mother’s Legacy” and Ana Luisa’s Instagram Reels

Videos often generate more engagement from users compared to other media. But to be effective, they have to capture the human experience and drive emotion. Bvlgari’s two films for Mother’s Day are successful in showcasing the special relationship shared between mothers and daughters.

Likewise, Ana Luisa’s Instagram Reels took a more organic approach. The brand posted a home unboxing video that made one mother feel like a champion while also showcasing Ana Luisa’s exquisite pieces.

Key takeaway: Opt for videos that drive emotion and capture the human experience.

3. Harry Winston’s Experiential Event

Jewelry might be the most popular Mother’s Day gift, but your brand can offer more by combining online shopping with live experiences. According to the NRF, at least 23% of US consumers planned to gift an experience for Mother’s Day.

Jeweler Harry Winston provided a luxurious experience for mothers in Singapore last year by hosting an afternoon tea in the Fullerton Bay Hotel. The food was as much a feast for the eyes as the Harry Winston pieces. Mothers were also able to preserve the experience in pictures, as the venue had an Instagram corner to snap photos at the event.

Key takeaway: Experiential events enable your brand to go beyond and offer memorable moments.

4. Swarovski’s Exclusive Product Collections

Back in 2020, Swarovski reimagined their brand’s motifs and designed pieces with another popular Mother’s Day present in mind: flowers. The daisy was highlighted, symbolizing childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. Limited edition collections can keep your brand and products fresh, piquing shoppers’ interest and giving them a reason to engage with your site and return time and again.

Key takeaway: Limited edition pieces drive hype, help you engage with customers, and have them coming back for more.

5. Jennifer Zeuner and Moon Magic’s Personalized Gifting

Make jewelry purchases extra special by giving customers the option to personalize their gifts. For example, Jennifer Zeuner ran a promotion for customized jewelry with a turnaround time of six weeks.

You can also create a VIP shopping experience by providing the right set of tools online. For example, Moon Magic has a ring size guide to go with their Mother’s Day collection so shoppers can get rings in the correct specifications.

Key takeaway: Bespoke jewelry makes the shopping experience all the more personalized.

6. Pandora’s Social Media Challenge

Maximize your social media efforts by encouraging follower participation and boosting organic engagement. Beyond leaving likes and comments, followers can also share their stories through social media challenges. In celebration of Mother’s Day 2021, Pandora urged followers to share treasured memories with their moms for a chance to win an exclusive gift set. Hopeful winners were asked to post content with a unique Pandora hashtag.

Key takeaway: Encourage participation from your social media following through themed challenges.

7. Chopard’s Influencer Marketing Campaign

The right influencers have strong social currency. While celebrity ambassadors do plenty of promotion, influencers can create more relatable content for their following. Take Chopard, for example, which enlisted the help of influencers for their Mother’s Day campaign.

Key takeaway: Self-branded influencers and fashionable mamas with smaller, but highly engaged followings can help you achieve more meaningful reach.

8. En Route’s Promotional Email Campaign

Spread awareness of your Mother’s Day campaign by reaching out to customers through email weeks before the special day. You can send them gift ideas right to their inbox and provide links to your recommendations to take out the guesswork. En Route accomplishes this in their promotional email, encouraging shoppers with a code. Dynamic emails can also be used to entice visitors with abandoned carts back to your site.

Key takeaway: Engage with your customers ahead of the holiday rush through strategic email campaigns.

9. Tiffany & Co.’s Buying Guide

First-time jewelry shoppers can always benefit from educational content. In addition to guiding them through different stones, shapes, and materials, you can establish authority through easy-to-digest buying guides. Tiffany & Co. provides helpful advice when it comes to discovering the perfect jewelry piece for moms. You can also promote product discovery in the form of themed galleries and visual search tools included in your buying guides.

Key takeaway: Educate first-time buyers with practical jewelry buying guides.

Delivering Meaningful Mother’s Day Shopping Experiences

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity for brands to take part in their customers’ stories and create lasting memories.

By taking a cue from the best practices and inspirational campaigns above, brands stand to create thoughtful shopping experiences that will win over customers in the long term.