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Digital Product Discovery And Its Impact For Shoppers

Georgia SmithGeorgia Smith | January 27, 2021

Digital product discovery helps customers find the product they want to buy. At the same time, retailers can be better at promoting the exposure of their products.

But, why do we need a good product discovery? And if you’re doing one, how can you improve it?

Read on to learn more about digital product discovery and its impact.

The Need for Digital Product Discovery

So, why do products require product discovery? The shortest answer is that retailers want their products to get discovered. Then, how can this be possible?

To do that, retailers should simplify product search. But, why is that so?

Most of the time, customers don’t know what they want to buy. When they browse online, they may even spend hours thinking about what to choose.

People may have the idea of buying something. For example, buying a dress. But, how can they discover the kind of dress they want?

Well, this is how product discovery enters the picture. It simplifies product discovery by narrowing down the search. So, it’s easier for customers to find and shop.

To help us understand the process, let’s go back to our dress example.

Product discovery has categories and attributes. For example, the color of the dress. Or maybe its type of cloth, size, or pattern.

By using these, customers can narrow down the choices. So, they can shop easily.

Today, there are more ways to optimize product search and discovery. In this article, let’s consider one of them.

How Visual Search Helps

One effective way to improve product discovery is visual search. You may have heard about this before. But, what is visual search?

Visual search is a technology that uses an image to search. So, you don’t need to type the keywords of what you want to find.

Well, how does this improve product discovery?

First, it’s a powerful tool that simplifies the search. You may have tried searching for something. But, you suddenly forget what it’s called. Or maybe you don’t know what it is in the first place.

Second, it helps you find something very elaborate. If we go back to our dress example, we can’t always describe the dress in detail.

For instance, we can’t tell the cloth of the dress all the time. Or the style of its sleeves, the size, and others.

In these cases, visual search can help. All it takes is just a snap of the camera. Then, you’ll see the exact or similar results of the item you’re looking for!

Advantages of Digital Product Discovery for Retailers

What we have discussed so far is the impact of digital product discovery on customers. Now, how can it help retailers?

Well, there are so many advantages. Let’s consider three of them:

  • Reach the younger generation. Studies show that Gen Z prefers using apps in shopping.
  • Connect with your customers. Personalizing shopping experiences for customers creates trust between you and them. So, they will buy from your site more.
  • Increase in sales. Experts reported that those who apply product discovery increased their sales. This is just one result of a better product search.

Georgia Smith

Georgia Smith

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