Syte Snapshot: A Look at Our Product Updates From Q4 2022

VP of Product Moran Shimron shares the latest new product releases from last quarter. 

As we begin the New Year, we are excited to share three new solutions that Syte customers can use to provide a more seamless and intuitive product discovery experience for shoppers on their eCommerce websites. Let’s dive in!

Shop Social 

Syte is now giving brands the ability to turn images from their Instagram feed into shoppable opportunities directly from their websites. Here’s how it works: Brands and retailers can connect their Instagram feed to the Syte console, organize the content, and then display it on their website via Discovery Stories, a special Instagram-inspired UI. Shoppers can swipe through the stories to explore looks and see similar items based on Syte’s visual AI. In addition, brands and retailers can connect shoppers to the exact product shown in the images if they choose to connect the images to their product catalogue.

Lexicon Manager

We’ve upgraded our AI Tagging and Merchandising solution to include an easy-to-use Lexicon Manager that enables brands to tailor their taxonomy to the language that their customers use. The Lexicon Manager helps you map hundreds of product categories, attributes and values in nine different languages – French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, English, and Hebrew. This update helps improve text search results and on-site navigation.

AI Tag Editor

Another improvement we’ve made to our AI Tagging and Merchandising solution is the new AI Tag Editor feature. Now, you can review, customize and edit our AI-generated product tags within an intuitive user interface that lets you search and filter for specific products and tags, and then add or remove tags based on your merchandising and brand guidelines. When editing product tags, you will have access to your previously defined taxonomy (from the Lexicon Manager) in easy-to-use dropdown menus. You can also use this feature to generate reports that enable you to drill down into each SKU for deeper insights.

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be developing even more improvements to our AI Tagging and Merchandising solution, along with updates to our merchandising rules that will provide our customers with simplified management and more control. We are also excited for our next big product release – a unique new recommendation engine to eliminate shopper dead-ends due to items that are out-of-stock or out-of-size.