Introducing the First-Ever Product Discovery Platform for Brands and Retailers

Product discovery is not one size fits all. And with our new platform, you can create agile, intuitive, and hyper-personalized journeys that lead every type of shopper to items they’ll love in the way they most prefer to shop.

Four years after launching as a camera search company, we are proud to announce that we’re redefining the boundaries of customer experience with the world’s first Product Discovery Platform for brands and retailers.

Product discovery is not one size fits all. And with our new platform, you can create agile, intuitive, and hyper-personalized journeys that lead every type of shopper to items they’ll love in the way they most prefer to shop.

Syte’s Product Discovery Platform brings the entire product search and discovery experience — including visual and site search, personalization, merchandising, and more — under one roof for the first time ever, for a holistic approach to eCommerce product discovery.

Product Discovery Experiences as Unique as Your Shoppers

As the COVID-19-induced shift toward digital commerce continues, the ability to offer shoppers tailored, one-on-one experiences at scale is rapidly becoming the new battleground for brands.

For every mission-driven shopper who types exactly what they want into your search bar, there’s a casual browser waiting for inspiration to strike, and a bargain hunter sifting through the latest sales. Each of these shopper types requires a different set of solutions and experiences to ultimately purchase the items they’ll be happiest with.

For example, Leslie is on your site, looking for a flattering formal dress for her upcoming birthday party. She has an idea of what she wants, but she’s not set on a specific style, so she can’t really search. She clicks on a few dresses that catch her eye — all of them jewel-toned, midi-length, with a halter neck and a high slit. But none of them were quite right.

Then, while exploring a product detail page, she sees a smart recommendation carousel, and every single product suggested reflects her context (formal dress) and her taste (midi, jewel tones, high slit, halter neck).

Instead of making suggestions based on demographics or previously purchased items, with Syte, you can give Leslie the opportunity to explore a personalized collection of dresses and to discover the one that’s just right for her by understanding her needs in real-time.

product discovery platform

With customer experience as the last true differentiator for brands and retailers today, ensuring that shoppers like Leslie easily find the right products is paramount.

Product discovery is the gateway to your overall customer experience. And effective product discovery means catering to every type of shopper.

The bespoke journeys that brands and retailers can create with our Product Discovery Platform are proven to increase online conversion rates by an average of 177% and average order value by 9.8%.

The Product Discovery Platform: Solutions That Enhance One Another

The three suites of solutions that make up the Product Discovery Platform — the Visual Discovery Suite, Searchandising Suite, and Hyper-Personalization Suite — are all based on Syte’s proprietary visual AI technology.

This technology forms the backbone of the entire product discovery experience by using two visual similarity algorithms to automatically categorize items within a brand’s catalogue and enrich product meta-tags. In addition to streamlining merchandising, the tagging process also creates a robust database for site search, analytics, and personalization.

Since the new meta-tags help break down every item into the tiniest details that catch shoppers’ eyes, like the shape of a sleeve or the hardware on a dresser, brands that use the platform can intuit shoppers’ aesthetic tastes at the deepest level.

The suites themselves include the following solutions, all of which work together:

Visual Discovery Suite

  • A set of solutions, including Camera Search, Recommendation Carousels, and the Discovery Button, that use visual AI to help shoppers find and buy items similar to the styles they like on any brand’s website.

Hyper-Personalization Suite

  • Personalization solutions, including Product Recommendations and an agile API that can create personalized emails, subscription boxes, and more, using real-time behavioral data and visual AI to predict the products most likely to convert for each shopper.

Searchandising Suite

  • Product tagging and eCommerce site search solutions that use visual AI and NLP to enrich product data, understand intuitive queries, and provide smart, accurate search results.

Because of their shared data layer, each of Syte’s suites enhance one another. For example, by layering hyper-personalization over Augmented Site Search, retailers can prioritize the way products appear in search results. For example, if a shopper searches for a “blue couch,” and they’ve viewed navy blue loveseats with wooden legs, items that most closely fit those details will appear first in results.

In turn, our hyper-personalized product recommendations are uniquely powerful, relevant, and high-converting because of the visual-AI-powered product tags that enable a nuanced understanding of shopper preferences.

Finally, by providing a variety of ways to search and browse, the solutions work together to engage shoppers, whether or not they know what they want or have the keyword in mind to search for.

All Your Data All in One Place

The solutions in each of Syte’s suites are managed and customized through a central console that provides full data visibility, deep analytics, A/B testing tools, as well as smart merchandising rules and ranking strategies.

With a complete view of the products you shoppers prefer in every circumstance, as well as an understanding of the way they move through your site, you have the power to design discovery journeys that are most likely to lead to purchase. You can configure where and how carousels and search options appear on your website, promote and demote inventory based on your business goals, and most importantly, test and optimize to make sure that you’re consistently showing shoppers the products they’ll want to buy and the ones you want to sell most.

The Future of eCommerce Belongs to Brands That Master Product Discovery

Today’s shoppers expect every experience to be tailored to their unique needs and wants. What they see when they visit a brand or retailer’s site needs to be as relevant and personal as their Netflix homepage.

Forward-thinking brands already see online shopping as another piece in consumers’ digital media diet, and they know that every experience and interaction needs to be as on-point, delightful, personalized, and engaging as scrolling through social or using a new app.

The only way to cut through the noise and competition in the eCommerce space is by connecting shoppers with the perfect items at the perfect moment. We’re thrilled to enable exactly that throughout the entire product discovery journey.