Syte is Now Powering Native Visual Search on Samsung Devices in South Africa

Samsung has announced its strategic partnership with Syte to power the first native visual AI marketplace within Samsung devices – ground-breaking technology which is now expanding to South Africa. Syte’s visual AI technology will be powering Bixby Vision’s Shopping Assistant, enabling users to browse and shop visually similar products directly from their camera and through a gallery of similar products including Superbalist, Zando, Cotton On, Wantitall, Homechoice, and Bid or Buy.


It is known across the retail industry that the last five years saw the rise of shopping on mobile, taking the friction out of the buying journey. Revolutionizing convenience that consumers learned to adapt and expect, mobile has become an important shopping channel for consumers.

Today, it is normal behavior for shoppers to take a screenshot of a fashionable Instagram post, or curate home décor Pins for both immediate purchase and future reference. With Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, consumers are starting to rely more on visual rather than textual information.

Knowing that consumers are now leaning towards using images than texts when they search for products online, Samsung has recently unveiled the Bixby Vision Shopping Assistant, which houses the first native visual AI marketplace within Samsung devices. Powered by Syte, shoppers using supported Samsung devices can now browse and shop visually similar products from their camera app or gallery.

For Syte customers who are going to populate the shoppable feed, this means access to high quality, purchase-ready traffic. For shoppers, it is now easier to turn real-life inspiration to product discovery and purchase, creating a consistent mobile experience from snapping a picture to check-out.

To know more about the exciting partnership between Samsung and Syte, or to find out if your Samsung device is supported, read the press release here.