The Definitive Guide to Visual Search for Home Decor

Visual AI is transforming retail. It’s the technology at the core of today’s most delightful, intuitive search experiences, and is quickly becoming a must-have for millennial and Gen Z shoppers. This guide breaks down how visual search works and how home decor brands and retailers can leverage it to improve their CX and deliver premium on-site experiences.

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What’s Inside the Guide:

This guide offers a deep dive into visual search and visual AI technologies for retail and eCommerce. It breaks down the mechanics of visual search and explains in detail how home decor brands and retailers can use it to create distinguished and high-converting customer experiences.

Start reading to learn about:

  • How visual search works
  • How innovative brands and retailers are leveraging it
  • The business impact of visual search and related technologies
  • How to meet the CX expectations of millennial and Gen Z shoppers
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In This Guide, You’ll Learn:

How visual search technology works

Various ways that home decor brands and retailers are using visual search and visual AI technology

The impact of visual search on business metrics

How to capture the purchasing power of younger generations with visual experiences

How to create intuitive on-site experiences with visual search