The Marriage of Social Channels and eCommerce

Social media savvy retailers around the world rejoiced when Instagram unleashed shoppable ads. It didn’t take long for this very feature to make its debut on Facebook as well, and let’s not forget that Pinterest offered shoppable pins for over a year now. Snapchat is also beginning to offer shoppable ads which allow users to make purchases on the same platform. The introduction and widespread adoption of shoppable ads made it clear that we are witnessing the marriage of social channels and eCommerce.

In addition to brand awareness and increased reach, the goal of the marriage between social channels and eCommerce is for brands to be able to provide a greater experience for their users through a new form of interaction.

Algorithms such as those offered by Syte expertly identify exact and similar fashion products. This proves to be a great asset for publishers and retailers in eCommerce that are looking to evolve by adding a new vertical which will benefit both their bottom line, and the customer journey.