Are You Ready for a Record-Breaking BFCM?

Inspire Black Friday shoppers to explore more of your inventory, increase basket size, and shop ’til they drop with Syte’s
best practices for the holiday season.

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Black Friday can be a great driver for product discovery. First, you offer an optimized and smooth journey to your customer or prospects and then you ensure they find the desired product. You need to guide them by suggesting and offering personalized content according to each of them.”

Clara Larger

“Our REEDS Jewelers customers love to use the carousels and icons on product pages to find various options and price ranges of what they are looking for efficiently, especially during gift giving seasons.”

Heather Bernardo

“Our goal is to collect more brand loyalists, to build up our network, to bring in new people during Black Friday and build them as long term  customers, as well as collect data about our overall web experience. When an item is out of stock, we’re putting recommendations higher so customers are seeing them immediately. Our hope is that those are going to delight the customer.

Josh Batchelor