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Prepare for the biggest weekend in eCommerce history by leveraging Visual AI to provide shoppers with the fastest and easiest route to purchasing their favorite items.

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This Black Friday is set to all break records — Last year brands and retailers saw a jump of 22% YOY growth in online spending, this year that number is poised jump even higher.
Leveraging this opportunity is key


Prepare for the Wave of Impulse Shoppers

Fashion brands saw significant jumps in traffic (88.9%), as well as a 89.96% uplift in conversion last year, as shoppers piled their carts high with sale items rather than opting for discounts on one or two pricier pieces. The real opportunity for retailers here is winning over these impulse deal-hunters with smart merchandising and personalization strategies.

Desktop Shopping is King

The majority of home decor shoppers prefer using desktop when purchasing. In fact, conversion rates were 3X higher on desktop than mobile, so offering an enhanced shopper experience on desktop is key.

Prepare for the spike

Of these three verticals, jewelry brands saw the biggest spike in traffic and conversion over BFCM 2020. Jewelry shoppers are typically after a single high-ticket wishlist item, so it’s critical to ensure they can find that piece or similar ones before they bounce off-site to a competitor.

2 woman posing with jewelry for black friday

What Leading Brands Are Saying About Syte

Syte is super powerful and provides more out of the box capabilities than our previous vendor.
We saw significant impacts on engagements, CVR and ARPU right from the initial deployment, which continues to improve over time.

Olivier Gensburger

“After implementing Syte’s solutions, our shoppers were able to quickly and easily find the pieces they wanted, improving CX and increasing revenue.”

Matthew Gratze

“We looked at a number of image search services, but only Syte had the image recognition accuracy we expected. We would like to further utilize this advanced technology for the realization of unified commerce.”

Toshinori Kato

“Syte’s AI technology enhances the online product discoverability experience to address current shopping behavior shifts, particularly exhibited by Millennial and Generation Z consumers.”

Anelena Longhi

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