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Grow brand loyalty and drive revenue by serving your customers intuitive and hyper-personalized shopping experiences with Syte’s Product Discovery solutions.

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Deliver Compelling Shopping Experiences That Convert

With Syte’s advanced visual AI, neural networks, and NLP, you can recommend and show similar items, improve search results, and understand search queries intuitively — as well as accurately predict and serve up hyper-personalized product recommendations in real-time.


Visual Discovery Suite

With Visual AI, you can identify precise visual attributes within any image and suggest similar products from your inventory to ensure shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for.

visual discovery suite
  • 380%
    ARPU uplift
  • 16%
    AOV increase
  • 4.8X
    CVR uplift

Searchandising Suite

Visual AI enriches your product metadata, while NLP works to understand shoppers’ intuitive queries. Together, they deliver accurate search results that convert.

man sitting on chair, image for searchandising suite
  • 90%
    Decrease in tagging costs
  • 4.6%
    AOV increase
  • 5.4X
    CVR uplift

Hyper-Personalization Suite

Visual AI understands the details of your shoppers’ aesthetic preferences, while real-time behavioral data adds context to provide the most relevant recommendations on every visit.

retail AI: two people sitting on couch: third image for searchandizing
  • 340%
    ARPU increase
  • 3.2X
    CVR uplift

Hear From Our Customers

Andrew Thomson

Visitors who engage with Shop Similar on the product page have a conversion rate over 100% higher and the average order value is 12% higher than those who do not. Lastly, pages per session are over 135% higher.

Andrew Thomson

Syte is super powerful and provides more out of the box capabilities than our previous vendor.
We saw significant impacts on engagements, CVR and ARPU right from the initial deployment, which continues to improve over time.

Olivier Gensburger

“As soon as we partnered with Syte, we received immediate positive feedback from customers about the unique and innovative features on our website. They engage with the site much more and are able to find products in a natural way.”

Grazia Albanese

“At Castorama and Brico Dépôt, we are the first in France as a DIY retail company to offer this visual recognition solution. With the implementation of Syte, we are giving additional use value to our website for an enriched customer experience and a discovery of the product offer fully fitting with their needs.”

Romain Roulleau
Michael renegade furniture

We needed to go above and beyond to make product discovery easy and personalized to each shopper’s browsing habits. As soon as we partnered with Syte, conversion and AOV increased significantly. Now, our shoppers can easily find items they love within our large inventory.

Michael Stein

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