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The Buyer’s Guide to Visual AI for Retail

A deep dive into visual search and visual AI solutions with a comprehensive plan for evaluating vendors
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This guide offers a deep dive into visual search and visual AI to help you plan for evaluating vendors. Through comprehensive market research and Syte’s industry experience, it aims to help retailers, brands, and marketplaces not only navigate the world of visual AI, but also succeed in finding the right solutions to fit their needs.

In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • Why you should consider Visual AI
  • What are the benefits
  • What the evaluation process should look like
  • What are the key metrics to measure ROI
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In this book you will learn about:

Transforming customer journeys with visual search
Getting more out of data
Redefining product search and navigation
Innovating in-store experience
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Syte - The Leader in Visual AI for Retail

Syte changes the way retailers connect shoppers with the products that inspire them
by delivering the best Visual AI technology for retail. Discover our solutions that empower retailers
to increase customer engagement, and boost conversion and sales.

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