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How CITY Furniture Created an Engaging Product Discovery Experience and Boosted AOV by 26.3% With Syte


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Florida-based retailer CITY Furniture is committed to helping shoppers decorate their homes according to their unique style and within their budget. Founded in the 1970s, they have nearly 20 showrooms across the state and counting, as well as an expansive online presence. CITY Furniture prides itself on a deep dedication to customer experience, giving shoppers a home decor destination where they can be confident they’ll find the pieces that suit their lifestyle and needs. Since bringing their business online, CITY has been focused on providing that same level of personalized selection and service on their website -
Find out how Syte’s Product Discovery Platform can boost customer experience and drive revenue.
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Making Online Product Discovery Easy and Delightful for Shoppers

CITY Furniture sells a vast range of products in order to accommodate a variety of styles and price points. However, with such an extensive online offering, the retailer needed a way to simplify product discovery and streamline the customer experience.

Additionally, as they grew their eCommerce presence, they sought new ways to innovate and differentiate their online shopping experience. Since furniture shopping is closely tied to individual aesthetics and style, CITY Furniture set out to find a visual AI solution that would:

  • Help shoppers find more of the right products for them, at the right time
  • Deliver an engaging customer journey that would increase conversion and revenue
  • Position them as a disruptive leader in the home decor space

Syte’s Visual Discovery Suite Bridges the Gap Between Home Decor Inspiration & Purchase

CITY Furniture partnered with Syte, implementing the Visual Discovery Suite on desktop and mobile web. With Camera Search, the Shop Similar recommendation carousel, and the Discovery Button live on-site, shoppers can now upload an image and instantly find similar products from within CITY’s massive inventory. For shoppers who don’t yet know what they’re looking for, clicking through on product images brings them to a results page featuring similar items they’ll love.

The retailer promoted these new features to shoppers, who now eagerly use the tools to uncover a range of items that suit their tastes, driving up both conversion and average order value. CITY’s visual discovery journeys have set the company apart as a CX leader in the home decor space, and they plan to offer additional capabilities, including a Shop the Room carousel in the near future.

  • Conversion is 5.27X higher now that shoppers can easily find their ideal products
  • Visual discovery connects shoppers with more of the right items, increasing AOV by 26.3%
  • Average revenue per user has grown by 440%
"In today’s digital world, customers are not just searching for available products. Specifically, in the home decor space, they seek specific styles and looks for certain elements. Visual search ties these elements together in a way that textual queries have never been able to deliver. Syte’s AI technology enhances the online product discoverability experience to address these shopping behavior shifts, particularly exhibited by Millennial and Generation Z consumers."
– Anelena Longhi, VP of Digital & Marketing

Find out how Syte’s Product Discovery Platform can boost customer experience and drive revenue.

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