Unlock New Revenue with
Visual Search
Syte provides the first AI driven, visual search tool for
publishers to transform digital assets into shoppable content

Any image featured on your site becomes instantly interactable; once a reader sees something that inspires them they will receive a feed of the most visually similar, shoppable options.

Syte’s visual search inspires readers and revives customer engagement, increasing sales and strengthening reader retention

What’s in it
for your readers:
Simple and Natural User Experience
Syte’s solutions are integrated into the existing UX/UI, creating a natural user experience
Instant Gratification
Users are able to interact with the images that inspire them, immediately receiving the most visually similar, purchasable options
Previously Curated Content
Readers already like the style of the publications they are reading. Now they can shop directly from any featured photo
Multifaceted Engagement
Users are able to connect quality content and eCommerce
What’s in it for you:
To implement visual search on your publication all you need is one line of code
New Revenue
Start earning money from dormant assets
Connect your site to a Visual Chatbot on Facebook Messenger
Reader Retention
A versatile reader experience increases returning users and reader loyalty
Publisher Testimony
M. Scheffler
CEO FutureTV
“Having worked with Syte you feel the difference between another emerging start-up and a future unicorn. It is not enough to create a market leading technology. It is not enough to be a passionate team with extraordinary execution. A potential unicorn like Syte combines both from the beginning. We are excited and proud to be a partner of this amazing company.”
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