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Visual Search & Discovery

Help shoppers instantly find items they want with an inspiring, visually-rich product discovery experience, powered by AI

AI Tagging & Merchandising

Drive revenue, boost text search, and optimize merchandising with AI-enriched automatic product tagging.

Advanced Personalization

Provide unique recommendations based on shoppers’ visual preferences and current journey on your site.

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“Syte’s AI technology enhances the online product discoverability experience to address current shopping behavior shifts, particularly exhibited by Millennial and Generation Z consumers.”

Anelena Longhi

We’ve gotten comments from our customers about how cool and helpful it’s been to look at other items that were similar to what they were shopping for.

Jay Nigrelli

“After implementing Syte’s solutions, our shoppers were able to quickly and easily find the pieces they wanted, improving CX and increasing revenue.”

Matthew Gratze

“Because we’ve implemented Syte, we’ve been able to start tying products together. Are we getting the right results? We’re trying to make sure that as customers are finding an end table or a couch, they’re also finding the complementary pieces that are part of that collection and making sure that they’re getting those served up when they need them and when it’s contextual.”

Josh Batchelor

Syte has been an important partner for Falabella, allowing us to create the innovative, visual experiences that draw in our customers, and we see the direct impact of that in our conversion rate and sales. We’re excited to continue growing together with Syte.

Maria Fernanda Vargas Courbis

“Syte’s performance ended up being 4 to 6 times better than competition, especially when it came to real world and Instagram benchmarks.”

Leslie Comrie

“Our REEDS Jewelers customers love to use the carousels and icons on product pages to find various options and price ranges of what they are looking for efficiently, especially during gift giving seasons.”

Heather Bernardo