Syte Marketplace

Connecting Customer Inspiration and Retailers’ Inventory with Visual AI

Syte Marketplace is the first cross-retailer Visual AI ecosystem that connects retailers and customers in a more intuitive and convenient way. With just one tap, shoppers effortlessly find products that inspire them. While retailers, being featured at the exact moment of inspiration and intent to purchase, reach and engage highly targeted traffic in a new and exclusive revenue channel.


Powering Visual Search in Europe, North America and Around the World

Syte Marketplace


Highly Engaged Traffic


Visual AI Engines


Retailer's Website


New Revenue Channel

Being natively integrated into Syte-powered devices, apps, and websites, you appear on the shoppable feed of products shoppers are interested to buy.

High Conversion Rates

Access highly targeted traffic with strong purchase intent as you populate the visually similar results of products customers are looking for.

Low Customer Acquisition Cost

Retain existing customers and acquire net new ones as you directly engage with shoppers who are close to completing their buying journeys.

Exclusive and Free Access for Syte Clients

As a bonus feature of being a Syte client, you get to exclusively showcase your products to customers and access potential revenue opportunities for free.

Completely Performance Based

Ensure that you only pay for customer shopping journeys that convert with a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) pricing model.


Digital savvy and social media adept global marketplace userbase


Samsung and other device users (with other publishers joining in soon)


Projected incremental revenue exclusively to Syte customers in 2020