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The world’s top retailers drive revenue and craft seamless shopper journeys that convert with Syte’s product discovery platform.


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How Syte Compares to Nosto

Combines real-time behavioral data, cookie-based user profile data, and visual AI data to understand current intent
Nosto relies on basic transactional data based on trends and on-site actions
CX Impact
Creates a differentiated on-site experience with visual-AI-powered interactive journeys, carousels, and more
Nosto's impact is limited to content and marketing assets
Individualized, context-based recommendations and personalized flows.
Nosto offers recommendations based on broad segmentation
We offer a full suite of solutions that personalize every touchpoint in the customer journey
Nosto offers recommendation carousels and segmentation for content
AI Capability
Visual AI enriches product metadata, deepening the understanding of each shopper’s preferences and intent in every session
Machine learning is applied only to transactional data and general site trends, resulting in segment-based recommendations

What Leading Brands Are Saying About Syte

Syte is super powerful and provides more out of the box capabilities than our previous vendor.
We saw significant impacts on engagements, CVR and ARPU right from the initial deployment, which continues to improve over time.

Olivier Gensburger

“After implementing Syte’s solutions, our shoppers were able to quickly and easily find the pieces they wanted, improving CX and increasing revenue.”

Matthew Gratze

We looked at a number of image search services, but only Syte had the image recognition accuracy we expected. We would like to further utilize this advanced technology for the realization of unified commerce.

Toshinori Kato

“Syte’s AI technology enhances the online product discoverability experience to address current shopping behavior shifts, particularly exhibited by Millennial and Generation Z consumers.”

Anelena Longhi

Deliver Compelling Shopping Experiences That Convert

With Syte’s advanced visual AI, neural networks, and NLP, you can recommend and show similar items, improve search results, and understand search queries intuitively — as well as accurately predict and serve up hyper-personalized product recommendations in real-time.

Swift, Scalable, and Flexible

Syte’s product discovery platform is designed for brands that move fast