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Leverage revolutionary Visual AI to identify shoppers' true intent and create highly personalized shopping experience in real-time
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Personalize Your Entire Product Discovery Experience

Help shoppers find what they’re looking for, no matter how they prefer to browse. Provide personalized visual and text search results, product recommendations, and more.

Sell More With Smart Product Recommendations

Maximize conversion and ARPU with product recommendation carousels that use visual AI to understand shopper preferences alongside behavioral data to uncover real-time intent.

Personalize Every Touchpoint

Create on-point, hyper-personalized experiences across channels, from in-store to online, and even by email, when you leverage Syte’s API.

Curate Personalized Browsing Journeys

Eliminate dead-ends and shopper drop-off by enabling shoppers to click through any product image and find a tailored collection of items that suit their preferences.
“We have seen that visitors who engage with ‘View Similar’ on the PDP have a conversion rate over 100% higher than those who do not and the AOV is 12% higher. Lastly, pages per session are over 135% higher.
Andrew ThomsonDirector of eCommerce at boohoo
"As soon as we partnered with Syte, we received immediate positive feedback from customers about the unique and innovative features on our website. They engage with the site much more and are able to find products in a natural way”
Grazia AlbaneseE-Commerce Manager at Gruppo Teddy
"At Castorama and Brico Dépôt, we are the first in France as a DIY retail company to offer this visual recognition solution. With the implementation of Syte, we are giving additional use value to our website for an enriched customer experience and a discovery of the product offer fully fitting with their needs."
Romain Roulleau
Chief Marketing, Digital & Customer Officer Castorama & Digital Strategy at Kingfisher France
Syte is super powerful and provides more out of the box capabilities than our previous vendor.
We saw significant impacts on engagements, CVR and ARPU right from the initial deployment, which continues to improve over time.
Olivier GensburgerOwner @ 3Suisses

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