Recommendation Carousel

A recommendation carousel is a set of dynamic product recommendations based on users’ previous and real-time site interactions, ratings, and preferences. Having an effective recommendation carousel enables you to detect shoppers’ unique tastes and interests and deliver relevant products that best match what they have in mind. When done right, it increases shopper engagement, encourages continuous product discovery, and thus, influences purchase decisions.

A recommendation carousel is akin to having a personal shopper on your site. Brands and retailers present customers with items they are after and related products that match their search intent. As such, they have an impact on the basket size, as well as average order value and conversions.

Why It Matters

An effective recommendation carousel is essential because it signifies that you understand your customers. By showing relevant products that appeal to their tastes at the right time, shoppers can feel that they are seen. This not only motivates them to add more items to their basket that are worth more, but also leaves a positive and lasting impression of your brand.

But a recommendation carousel is more than just for increasing revenue. It is also about selling a feeling to customers. The feeling of familiarity fosters customer loyalty and retention. When the product recommendations are off, it can put off shoppers and drive them to spend less, or worse, leave your site. This is why adding a personalization layer matters. It makes sure that the suggested items in the recommendation carousel truly resonate with your customers.

A contemporary recommendation carousel features personalized suggestions based on site interactions, search intent, and browsing behavior combined with basic sequencing algorithms. With visual AI, recommendations are augmented with insights into the visual attributes that appeal to customers.

Brands can add a recommendation carousel with personalized product suggestions right on the homepage. You can easily show returning visitors and customers products that they might be interested in based on their individual preferences and site behavior. Take, for instance, Baycrew’s Store that highlights recommended items just for you.

Description: A screenshot of a website's homepage showing a recommendation carousel
Baycrews’ offers personalized recommendations on the homepage

Often, you can also urge customers to view visually similar items to their first, but not final, choice. Doing this lets customers uncover more products until they find the exact one that they are looking for. This also works when items are out of stock. Venca does Shop Similar carousels by recommending similar products right on the product detail page.

A screenshot of similar product recommendations on an eCommerce site's PDP
Venca offers similar product recommendations on the PDP

Shop the Look carousels are great for urging customers to add complementary items to their cart. Coleman Furniture lets customers shop for other items in an image that goes along well with your item of choice.

A screenshot of a recommendation carousel
Coleman Furniture’s Shop the Look recommendation carousel

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