Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are predictions that show what a customer might want to include in their shopping cart. These recommendations are generated by engines that use machine learning to choose items that will be displayed on various channels such as a website, app, ads, or email. The resulting personalized results that appeal to individual tastes can be based on a visitor’s browsing behavior, previous brand interactions, among many attributes. Product recommendations also allow shoppers to focus on items that matter to their context, amid a diverse brand catalog that a site might have.

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Why Product Recommendations Matter

Displaying product recommendations is one way to promote discovery and personalization on your website. The selection that appears can appeal to personal preferences because they are based not only on general demographics, but also on more granular information such as website interactions and previous browsing behavior.

Effective product recommendations can drive profitability, as they can help increase average order value. Different recommendation carousels such as “complete the look” can sell a customer to buy an entire outfit or furniture set. Moreover, you can convert customers with relevant suggestions or popular items on your website and remind them of products left on their shopping cart or wishlist through email.

Brands and retailers with large inventories benefit from product recommendations by allowing users to browse offerings with curated items that will pique their interest. They can zero in on their product search better and connect faster to the items they’re looking for.

Finally, there’s customer loyalty. Product recommendations that are done right can make shopping smoother and easier by remembering details about customers, like size and budget, and surfacing products that speak to their unique preferences. This then can encourage repeat purchases and amplify positive brand perception.

Best Practices to Consider

There are many ways to utilize product recommendations on your brand website and beyond. Here are some tips to maximize the function:

  • Flaunt your popular items. Personalization can be tricky for a first-time visitor. So, you can start by showcasing the reason shoppers flock to your website on your homepage while you learn more about the user.
  • Use “People who liked this also liked…” recommendations. You can utilize the technology in many parts of your website, including the product and checkout pages. This way, you can extend the customer journey based on items that they are already interested in. They can compare products or browse for more items that can go along with the products on their cart. The recommendations also have an advantage due to social proof.
  • Have a “Similar items” carousel. This urges a customer to compare items and dive deeper into their chosen section. They might not be decided yet on an item and are waiting for a product with just the right element.
  • Give new recommendations with purchase nudges. Did they lose interest in an item? Draw them back in with more variety. You can also prompt previous customers to repurchase when the products that they have can be consumed in a given period.

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