Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads, also called dynamic banners or dynamic creatives, are ads that automatically change content and promotions to show each individual shopper the most effective and relevant imagery, copy, or landing page.

The term ‘dynamic’ refers to the adaptability of the advertising. For example, dynamic ads can look at an individual’s demographics and behavioral data such as browsing activity, geolocation, and product preferences, and then personalize the information that they see across different devices and channels in real-time.

What is the Difference Between Dynamic and Static Ads?

Compared with static banners or creatives, dynamic ads constantly update to match the everchanging needs and unique preferences of each user. Done right, dynamic ads can target different audiences with exceptional accuracy, surfacing the right ads to the right customers at the right times.

A dynamic ad for Garage clothing appears on a Cup of Jo blog.
Here is a Cup of Jo blog that shows an example of a dynamic ad (featuring Garage) on the right side of the screen.

How Do Dynamic Ads Work?

Dynamic banner ads look just like regular banner ads with an image, text, promotion, or product collection. But instead of creating numerous different ads, you only have to create a template that is used by the network. It then automatically generates personalized ad content to users based on in-session demographic and behavioral data.

  • Dynamic remarketing shows specific products or special offers to people who have previously visited your site and have already signaled interest. This is particularly useful for cross-selling or abandoned carts.
  • Contextual targeting places dynamic ads in front of users in places you know they will visit and are automatically created based on the page content. 
  • Sequential storytelling displays ads in a certain order to target, nurture, and lead users to a conclusion, which is usually a successful conversion from a landing page.
  • User journey uses tracking pixels to promote ads based on where users are in the funnel and the overall customer journey.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to implementing dynamic ads on your site. Here are our top three:

  • Save time and lower cost – You can promote a wide range of products, imagery, and creatives without the need to reconfigure each ad. Moreover, the use of personalization elements can increase engagement and help you attain marketing goals faster and easier.
  • Improve conversion rate and loyalty – Customized and relevant content that resonates with individual shopper preferences can boost purchase intent, product familiarity, and brand favorability.
  • Expand your audience and acquire more users – Coupled with advanced programmatic advertising, dynamic banner ads can help you gain additional traffic and conversions as you target more users and look-alike audiences. 

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