Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the emotional investment customers have with a specific brand. Despite other options, loyal shoppers will favor a brand that has provided them with a great product or service and a positive shopping experience in general. There is trust from customers that the brand they are loyal to will deliver as expected and continue to cater to their needs and desires. Brand loyalty often manifests in repeat purchases.

Shopping as a result of brand loyalty can either be a conscious or unconscious decision. Loyal customers will not go for a substitute if they can wait for or find the brand they prefer. Shoppers are also less likely to consider only convenience or price when they have loyalty because they usually consider the overall customer experience.

Why is It Essential

Having a base of loyal customers gives brands a competitive advantage. Even when the competition has high-quality products and reasonable pricing, loyal customers will still repeatedly buy the products and services of the brand they like. They are not likely to be swayed by your competitors’ marketing efforts because of the established meaningful and valuable experiences that they are getting from your brand.

A loyal following will do more than conduct their shopping purchases with you. They are also more likely to recommend your products and become advocates for your brand both online and offline. Most of the time, this can equal your efforts for acquiring new customers.

Brand loyalty is also an indicator of business success, especially in the long term. You can depend on frequent shoppers and their recommendations to resist economic challenges. Having robust and healthy brand loyalty can translate to quantifiable measurements such as lifetime value, average order value, and average revenue per user.

Creating and Keeping Brand Loyalty

Considering the competitive state of eCommerce today, personalization is critical and a must-have to create and sustain brand loyalty. When you understand your customers and provide experiences that suit their needs, they are more likely to become long-term brand ambassadors.

Here are some of the ways you can build and maintain brand loyalty among your customer base:

  • Provide excellent customer service. Having poor customer support is often a strike for popular brands even when they have exceptional products and services. Looking after your customers’ needs during and after the purchase lets them know that they are valued beyond the revenue for your business that they can bring. Brands can also provide a platform where customers can submit feedback.
  • Have a unique but relatable brand story. Having a solid, genuine brand story can increase not only brand awareness but also community building. You can attract the core customers that truly believe in your brand. Combining your unique brand personality with compelling storytelling, you can strike inspiration among your customers and let them be invested in your company.
  • Incentivize your customers with rewards programs. Give shoppers a reason to buy from you again with discounts or points. A loyalty program will also award repeat customers, making them feel appreciated for their business.
  • Make each shopper feel special with personalization. One of the key elements that encourage long-term loyalty is your ability to always be relevant to each of your customers. Nothing beats making your shoppers feel seen and understood across the buying journey. From helping them discover the right products that suit their unique preferences on your site to engaging them with content and emails that match their individual lifestyles.  

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